Signs of a Rats Infestation

Looking for Signs of Rats Infestation

Rats are incredibly resilient creatures and because of this they have managed to make their way through most of the world, aided by humans in many cases. Rats also breed at a prodigious rate, allowing them to flourish in the spaces they occupy, and this may include your house. If you’re signs of rats infestation suspecting that you’re house is now being shared with some pesky rats then finding some of these signs might confirm your suspicions.

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Symptoms of Rats Infestation


Rats are not quiet creatures, which makes it much easier to determine if you are encountering signs of a rats infestation. The nasty rodents are usually getting up and preparing for the night right about the time you’re quieting down and heading for bed. Listen for scratching, scampering, squeaking, and any other suspiciously rat-like sounds. It’s probably rats.
rat noise
rat dropping


Rats eat food, and one of the consequences of eating food is that they poop. A lot. So if they’re living in your house then one of the sure signs of a rats infestation is little black pellets in your cupboards and drawers or on counters or around baseboards in your house. If the droppings are fresh then they will be black and pellet shape. If you have encountered a bit older feces than they will be gray and crumbly.


Rats have a distinct odor, one that is recognizably different from any lovable odors from the pets you may have. If you’ve got a rat in your walls then chances are you will smell his urine and feces wafting through the air ducts or collecting in small, dark areas. Also, it is possible a rat has crawled into your attic, basement, wall or air duct (anywhere really) and died. This can also produce a strong musky odor, especially if it’s winter and you have the heat on.
odor of rats
nest of rat


One of the sure signs of a rats infestation is a nest. Chances are if they’ve built a nest then they plan on being in your house for a while. When rats make a nest in your home they will tear up cloth, paper, wood and insulation in order to make themselves comfortable. They are likely to build their nest in the basement, walls, garage or attic.

Some rats may choose to dig a burrow outside your house along the foundation of your house, or along a deck especially near a compost pile or garden.


Of course, the most bothersome thing about rats is their propensity to damage your property. Rats love to chew on things and will chew on almost anything they can get their jaws around. Cables, electrical wiring, ceilings, support beams, cupboards, you name it they’ll probably chew on it. The rats will chew through bags or plastic containers to get at food as well. Damage to electrical wiring, walls, and support beams can prove to be costly and annoying.

Also, rats will leave trails of scratches and grease from their fur as they climb and scurry about your home. This damage is much less grievous than structural damage to your home, but is one of the sure signs of a rats infestation.

damage by rats
It’s not difficult to determine if rats have invaded your home, just watch out of for the signs outlined above and you may be able to catch them before significant damage is done.


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