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A regular inspection for your home or business is one of the most important way to keep your property pest-free. We, at the Best Pest Control Perth provide effective pest inspections services for residential and commercial places everywhere in the city of Perth. Our certified and qualified pest inspector offer residential and commercial pest inspection services. We will thoroughly inspect every corner of your premises. We also look for mould or dry rot, water destruction, all damaging wood organisms, pipe leaks and timber to earth connection.

Our pest controllers can assist any residence or industry from being taken over by insects like termites, ants, cockroaches, rats, mice and more. Usually, take around one hour for complete pest inspection depending on the size and situation of the premises.





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Our Perth Pest Inspector looks for:

There can be many symptoms that rat & mice are infesting your house. Best Pest inspection specialists are trained to find unwanted pests. Some signs you have a rodent in the home are tracks or droppings and chew marks. Learn more about our Rat & Rodent Control Services.
Bed bugs are bloodsucker that severe to detect if you don’t have any idea how to spot them—symptoms to recognize a bed bug infestation like rust-coloured dots on your bed, the smell of bedbugs and bedbugs shell. We make sure all of our operators are qualified for a pest inspection.
Roaches are night-loving bugs, Some symptoms you’ve got cockroach infestation are noticeable cockroach dropping that like coffee grounds or black pepper, smear mark, dead cockroaches. In heavy roaches infestations, some kinds of insects emit offensive smells.
Tiny insect termite creates lots of destruction to your furniture. Our pest controllers will diligently examine for indications of termites such as buckling of timber, swelled attics and areas that seem to suffer from slight water damage. Our fully qualified pest inspection crew will fastly inspect termite in your place and remove them.
Ants are amongst the most common insects in houses. Our well-equipped examiners can recognize some of the significant symptoms of an ant infestation. Some simple way to identify the signs are long trails of ants, holes in the walls, and unique rustling sounds. Ants may be tiny, but nests can get big enough to provide unusual noise.
Our accredited experts know precisely where to seem to detect any possible insect infestations. We’ll inspect inside your place, from pantries to bathrooms and cabinets, if they like to sneak in any space, we’ll be sure to indicate it. We also check the outside of your residences like garbage storage areas and warehouse buildings.
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