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There’s a reason for the saying, “snug as a bug in a rug”—most pests, be they rodents, silverfish or practically any other kind of pest, look for a warm place to live with plenty of nooks and crannies to hide in, and that offers steady access to food and water. And few places offer such good conditions as schools, which are essentially an ideal habitat for pests. Pests can cause enormous trouble for a school and all of its students for very many reasons.

pest control perth logoFirstly and most importantly, children’s immune systems are not yet fully developed, and so children are much more susceptible to the different kinds of bacteria pests carry on their bodies and spread over every surface and substance they touch. Another issue is what experiencing a pest infestation would do to the reputation of a school—needless to say, parents would be horrified to find any sort of unidentified bites on their children, and might well decide to pull their children out of the school entirely; future enrollments would also likely suffer greatly. Favorable conditions such as the pest control perth ratsones at educational facilities also encourage pests to multiply much faster than thy would in less favorable conditions, so if you suspect your school may be experiencing any kind of pest infestation, it is vital to act fast, before the problem becomes much more serious. Contact us to find out what to do to protect the children and your business!

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Commonly Found Pests in Educational Facilities


Flies are, in fact, found in most parts of the world and are usually more of a nuisance than anything. A fly infestation, however, can pose serious health risks to both children and adults. Due to the fact that flies will sit on everything they can find, no matter how filthy, they can carry more than a half-billion microorganisms on their body and legs that can easily contaminate food in your school’s cafeteria. Flies can lay up to 150 eggs at once.


Both rats and mice carry an enormous amount of disease-causing bacteria in their fur—tests have show that a single rat can host up to 35 different kinds of bacteria responsible for a variety of serious illnesses, including salmonella, dysentry, and even polio. Rats also leave greasy, dirty stains on the walls they run along that can be hard to remove and quite foul-smelling. Both rats and mice also have the tendency to chew through everything they can find, including wires and cables, which could also be a fire hazard.


Although they do not transmit any diseases, bedbugs do leave numerous, itchy red bites all over their hosts’ bodies that can be the cause of a skin infection if scratched excessively. They also travel from room to room very quickly and easily on anything from pyjamas to pillows to suitcases, so if even one child at your boarding school has bedbugs, chances are other will get them in no time.

Our Pest Control Solutions for Educational Facilities

exterminating termites perthWhen you contact us, we will send one of our experienced, qualified experts to your school to conduct a detailed assessment of the premises, searching every crack for the pests. Then, he or she will tell you exactly what kind of infestation you are dealing with and how the issue should be resolved. If the infestation is advanced, it might be necessary to treat the entire school with a powerful pesticide in order to eliminate the pests in all stages of development. Once the job is done and the pests have been eliminated, our expert will give you a list of recommendations concerning hygiene, cleaning routines, etc. to keep the pests from returning.

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