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Having bugs at home or the working place is very annoying. Best Pest Control Maylands is one of the most trustworthy pest controllers. We offer top quality pest removal service across Perth. These pesky bugs are hazardous to your health also. If you want to prevent annoying insects, you can use DIY tips by yourself, but home remedies do not work if pests infestation is out of control. In that case, you need the most reliable pest exterminator to resolve your problem.

Best Pest Control Maylands offer professional pest inspection and treatment. We will arrive at your place shortly on the same day of booking. You can get full information about our pest treatment services from the website too. We deal with all sorts of pests such as ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, termite, spiders, rodents, and all other bugs. Our controller is always ready to solve all of your issues related to pests.
5 star protection


We don’t put your family health at risk while removing the pest from your residential place. Our Maylands pest controllers offer 5-star protection to your family while eradicating pests. Best Pest Control Maylands completes all tasks in a timely manner so that you don’t face much of a problem. 
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When you find ants, cockroaches, termite, wasps and other types of pests, it helps to know how to recognize them! By knowing what kind pests look like, you can completely manage and explain the exact issue to get the best treatments. Check out our pest library to instruct yourself more.

free inspection


One swift call or email will set you up with an appointment for a free domestic and business pest treatment inspection. It’s important to know where the attackers are lurking before they can be eradicated. Ring today for an appointment with our specialist and licensed pest controllers.

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Get Relief from Pest Infestation

Most of the pest control companies providers temporary solutions for insect infestation issues. Pest infestation can not difficult to remove but the problem is it can appear over and over. We at Best Pest Control provides a one-time treatment for pest infestation issues. Our all pest treatments cost-effective and eco-friendly. Hire Best Pest Control Maylands today if you want eradication from all the nasty insects. Our professionals are just one call away. 100% customer satisfaction is promised from our end.

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residential pest control

Residential Pest Control Service Maylands

Struggling with the pest infestation in your premises? Keep insects away with Best Pest Control Maylands. Call our top-rated exterminator and get the best service of pest removal. We offer safe and expert residential pest control services at a reasonable cost. Our professionals properly inspect your home and then apply the right procedure to remove the pests from your home. According to the demand of clients, we offer customized service for eradicating trouble-causing pests. Mayland's pest specialists effectively remove cockroaches, rodents, termites, mosquitoes, and other pests from your home.

Commercial Pest
Control Service Maylands

Best Pest Control Maylands is committed to delivering the best pest control service for commercial properties. We offer safe and efficient pest control services. With 50 years of experience, we know how to tackle pests in the right manner. Our professionals cover Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs, Shopping malls, Retail Stores, Schools, Colleges, Food processing units, and many more. Our service will be suitable for your pocket. Don’t put your employee and visitors' health at risk. Hire our professionals today to save the impression of your business.

Pest Library

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How does it work?

While knowledge is an essential part of efficient pest management, we understand that training is the other half of that comparison, which is why we guarantee our best pest control specialists have received the best training. You deserve the best Maylands pest control specialists, and we have them. Each with a wide range of the most advanced technologies guarding your residence or industry.

Expert Pest Extermination Service

Our specialists are well qualified and experienced in eliminating all types of bugs that you may see in Maylands in your household and industrial areas. Before starting the extermination service, our experts inspect the infected place completely to discover the actual cause of the infection. Below we are explaining the pests that our specialists efficiently remove.

Bed Bug Control Maylands

Are bed bugs disturbing your sleep? Don’t worry; we are here to control them. Our professionals are well trained and have knowledge about the behavior and habitat of bed bugs. We use natural bed bugs to control chemicals so that it does not harm you, your family members, and the environment. Our controllers offer complete service from start to the last stage so that no single bed bug is left. For removing the bed bugs, proper tools and knowledge are required that our professionals already have. Hire our pest experts to get rid of bed bugs.


Flea Control Maylands

You and your pet might have to face flea infestation, which is very irritating and painful. If you notice that your lovely pet is scratching excessively, then it is the symptoms that fleas are there, and your pet is facing the problem of fleas infestation. A single bite of the flea generates an extensive level of itching and pain. The fleas jump from one source to another, and they grow rapidly.  Once our professionals get complete information about the cause and other factors of fleas infestation, we start our best flea control service.


Mosquito Control Maylands

Mosquitoes cause a disturbance in your sleeping by creating nuisance buzzing and biting. The biting of mosquitoes also invites major diseases that are dangerous for you. Our trained professionals are here to offer a peaceful night free from mosquitoes. Along with offering the best professional service for controlling the mosquitoes, our mosquito controllers also suggest some relevant tips to the clients so that no infestation of mosquitoes may take place in the future.


Bee & Wasp Control Maylands

The bees and wasp create their nest and hives and generate risk for the surrounding place. Thus it is important to remove the nest and hives of bees and wasps. Dealing with these pests is quite risky and unmanageable. Professionals of Best Pest Control Maylands uses the right safety gear while removing bees and wasps. We use proper tools for destroying the habitat of bees and wasps. Yet bite of bees and wasps is not very risky, but people with sensitive skin may have some allergic reaction.

Termite Control Maylands

These are highly destructive pests that you may notice in the timber objects. Generally, due to the similar appearance to the ants, these termites are called white ants. Termites cause damage to your domestic and commercial timber structural properties. Maylands pest professionals carefully inspect the infected area so that complete information should be accessed regarding the cause of infestation.  We completely remove termites from your place and also suggest some preventive tips to stop the infestation of termites in the future.

Rodent Control Maylands

The presence of rodents at your home is very risky for your health and other objects. Professionals of Best Pest Control Maylands offers a customized designed plan for the effective removal of rats and rodents from your home. Our professionals identify the source of rodent infestation, the problems caused by them, and many more. If you are experiencing rat and rodent infestation in your home, then don’t wait anymore. Contact professionals of Best Pest Control Maylands. We do the right job at a single visit. Our rodent control service is long-lasting and effective.

Spider Control Maylands

Most people do not have the right knowledge about what spiders can do to their health and property. Also, people don’t mind if a spider is present at their home. But the presence of spiders creates a negative impression over others. Spiders are more active during the summer season. Pest controllers of Best Pest Control Maylands inspect the infected palace, then apply the right procedure to control the spider, and also monitor the place so that no spider should be left. Hire our Maylands spider controllers at the most competitive price. To book for spider control service, you can contact us on (08) 9463 0050.

Cockroach Control Maylands

These are one of the most common pests that are found in residential and commercial premises. Cockroaches love to live in the same environment that is favorable for humans. These pesky pests are very problematic. They also cause several risky diseases. So it is important to control the infestation of cockroaches. Cockroaches live in damp and dark places. We effectively remove the living habitat of cockroaches so that no further infestation may occur. Our qualified specialists know what treatment these pests require and offer the best controlling treatment. 

Termites In Your Home?


If your home has termite infestation then for the most effective solution you can contact professionals of Best Pest Control Maylands. Termites cause lots of damage to your property. You should not underestimate the risk of these little pests also known as white ants. Termites slowly make their colony and as a result, create lots of destruction to your property.



Our professionals thoroughly inspect the infected area for a time period. Compete inspection helps the professionals to get complete information about the source and cause of termite infestation. You should always inspect your home after some time interval to check that termites have not come into your home. With 50 years of experience, we have complete information about the behavior of the termites. If you are planning to take new property then you should take the help of professionals for inspecting the property against termites.



The termite controllers of Best Pest Control Maylands are well experienced and skilled to remove the termites from your residential and commercial place. We use eco-friendly methods for eradicating the termites from your place. Our professionals use the right chemical that is safe for your kids and pets. We eliminate all sources of termites so that no single termite should be left.



The Maylands termites controllers offer reliable and affordable protection from the termites. Our professionals use the two ways to protect your residential and commercial. The first one is the physical method and the second one is the chemical method. In chemical methods, we use termites repellent at all habitats of termites. At the end of our service, we also suggest some helpful and effective tips to our clients to stop the future infestation of the termites.

6 Reasons to Hire Best Pest Control Maylands


We have experienced professionals that are reliable and friendly. With 50 years of experience, we have become experts in controlling all types of pests, such as termites, cockroaches, rodents, mice, and many more. We remove all pests with effective treatment.

Fully Insured

The pest controllers of Best Pest Control Maylands are fully insured. We are concerned about our professionals and customers. Thus fully insured pest controllers effectively eradicate the pesky pest from your premises.

Environmentally Friendly

For controlling the pest from your residential and commercial places, we use environmentally friendly solutions. We use chemicals that are approved by the government for controlling the pests. We do not disturb the natural balance of nature.

Competitive Price

The service cost of Best Pest Control Maylands is reasonable and under your budget. We deliver satisfactory service at the right and fair price. We do not have any hidden charges that may offer you a surprise at the end of the service.

Cover All Suburbs

Professionals of Best Pest Control Maylands are available at every corner of Maylands. We cover the entire suburb of Maylands at competitive prices. Our pest eradicators deliver fast and efficient service that is long-lasting.

Focused Customer Service

Best Pest Control Maylands offers customer-oriented service. We carefully listen to the issues and requirements of our clients. We offer the best and reliable service at the first visit. Being professional, our controllers keep the utmost care of your kids and pets while removing pests.


We're here not just to rid your place of pesky guests. We're also here to form enduring connections with our valuable customers.
Have had Westate Pest Control come out and service my property for several years and have been extremely happy with them. Would definitely recommend them.


We have had Westate protect our home from termites for many years. Also had black ant treatment from time to time. Tim has always been most helpful, friendly and professional. We have no hesitation in recommending Westate for all pest control.


I give Westate Pest Control five stars. They did a great job with the pest inspection when I purchased a home.


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