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Pests and Vermin Canberra

Like it or not, Canberra suffers from a high rate of infestation from pests and vermin. The good news is that Pest Control Canberra is available to solve all the pest and vermin-related problems in the area. With over 50 years of experience, we provide cost-efficient services that make us number one in our craft. From bed bugs to millipedes of different species — there’s nothing too small, too big, too many, or too few — we’ll be there to solve the problem for you safely and effectively!
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Common Pests & Vermin Canberra


Termites may seem harmless on the surface, but never underestimate the amount of damage they can do when the colony takes hold. One call to Pest Control Canberra will have our pest control experts there to verify the type of species that is infesting your home. Once identified, they’ll know exactly what to do!


Rats and rodents are truly nefarious pests, wiggling their way into your home to chew on wires, gnaw holes in clothing, and contaminate stored food. Along with their own feces and the damage they can cause, these vermin can bring bacteria and diseases into your home. 

Therefore it’s vital that you take immediate action to prevent the growth of any pest infestation, or they’ll soon outnumber your household. In this moment, contact the rodent control experts from Pest Control Canberra to solve your problems.


Cockroaches are one of those creatures that can survive just about anything, and are drawn to anywhere food can be found. Of course, these creatures have been known to survive off of the adhesive found in tape, so their definition of food is broad. This also makes them incredibly difficult to get rid of, but our team of experts knows all the best way to eliminate these creeping pets.


Bees and Wasps have the distinction of being pests that are dangerous in and of themselves. While a single sting is a mere inconvenience and uncomfortable, a swarm stinging can be lethal, even if you aren’t allergic. If you find a nest that’s bigger than a baseball, give us a quick call to ensure it’s safely disposed of.

The safe and complete removal of these pests requires the application of chemicals, and our team of experts come properly dressed to protect themselves.


Spiders are a very important link in the biological food chain, and actually play a role in keeping down the number of other pests in the world. Fleas and flies are particularly vulnerable to their predators, but this still doesn’t make them the best housemates. 

If you’re seeing an infestation of spiders starting, give us a call and Pest Control Canberra will come solve your spider problem immediately. Our team of experts will take steps to ensure your spider infestation is over, and you and your family are safe again.

When pests try to take your place at home, it’s very important to take action immediately. Dilly-dallying on such will only make the problem worse, so make sure to call reliable pest control services like Pest Control Canberra.

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Mice are another four legged creature that carry bacteria and disease into your home. Without knowing they’re in your home, these creatures can make food or water unsafe to consume, and lead to the contraction of hantavirus by your pets and family. 

Like rats, they can also cause a significant amount of damage to wiring, machines, and clothing. If you prefer that they be captured alive, we can even use non-lethal and humane methods of control.


Fleas and Flies can be a serious problem, and can be found almost anywhere in the world. Thankfully, the one place they don’t need to be found is in your home. The uncomfortable itching and accumulation of fly and flea dirt can lead to stress, restless nights, and unhealthy conditions in your home. 

Pest Control Canberra can have these pests out of your home in no time, and will take steps to ensure your infestation is finished and won’t return.


Ever wondered what those oddly shaped little critters are? The ones that seem attracted to papers and other fiber based products are called Silverfish, and they can become a serious nuisance if they aren’t properly controlled. 

Contact Pest Control Canberra today to help control your silverfish infestation in your home or business. Our methods will ensure that your home is treated safely and effectively, eliminating the infestation and keeping to under control.


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