How to Get Rid of Spider

How to Get Rid of Spider

Getting rid of spiders can be a difficult task, especially with large numbers of spiders, or a dangerous species of spider. Many people also have a serious fear of spiders. Spiders are most likely to enter a house in fall, seeking warmth and shelter before the winter. Spiders produce silk webbing which they use to catch food, known as spider webs. Spider webs are considered a tell-tale sign of spiders nearby.

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Effective Tips to Prevent and Remove Spider 

Here are some tips and suggestions on how to get rid of spiders if they have become too much of a nuisance:

Destroy any visible spider webs or egg sacs - Vacuuming is a great way to do this, and you’ll want to make to reach both high and low corners of your home. You can also use vacuuming to destroy live spiders.

Essential Oils - Putting a few drops of peppermint oil in the corners and door-frames of your home, or areas where spiders tend to be found in your home, such as entrances or garages. Spiders hate the strong scent of oil, and it is believed they will run in the opposite direction once they detect the smell. Tea tree or eucalyptus oil is also rumored to be effective in getting rid of spiders, using the same method.

Traps - Glue or tape traps can help to trap spiders, just be sure to keep the trap flat, and dispose of the trap once it has a few spiders on it. The effectiveness of this method is limited, however, because it does nothing to eliminate webs or egg sacs.

Vinegar - Vinegar can also help to kill or repel spiders. Use equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, and spray directly onto any spider you see or places where spiders tend to congregate. The acetic acid will burn and kill the spider, and the smell alone may be enough to repel spiders and other insects. Lemon oil can be added to this solution, or used alone if vinegar isn’t available or isn’t an option.

Diatomaceous Earth - Using diatomaceous earth is another method that can be used for getting rid of spiders, although this one can get a little messy. Diatomaceous earth is a very fine powder, and you can sprinkle it in corners, along floorboards, around your home’s perimeter, or other places spiders tend to congregate. Diatomaceous earth has very sharp particles, which cut up a spider and damage it’s exterior upon contact, but the dust is so fine it is harmless to people and pets. If you are going to use this method, purchasing food-grade diatomaceous earth (as opposed to pool-grade) is strongly recommended.

Pesticides/insecticides - Insecticides can be effective in eliminating spiders, but will only be effective if the insecticide is residual and the spider comes in contact with the sprayed area, or you are able to spray a live spider on contact. Be sure to read all instructions on the insecticide before use, and be sure to purchase an insecticide that specifies it is formulated for getting rid of spiders.

Housekeeping - General housekeeping steps can also help make your home less attractive to spiders. Vegetation, piles of debris, and woodpiles provide spiders with great hiding places, so if you have a spider problem, you may want to consider moving these things away from the perimeter of your home. Regular sweeping and vacuuming patios and the interior areas of your home can help to eliminate all insects, as well as spiders. Also, avoid leaving food or dirty dishes out for extended periods of time, as this will increase the likelihood of having problems with other insects, which are food for spiders. Eliminating their food source is one of the most direct ways to get rid of spiders. Using airtight plastic storage containers, as opposed to cardboard boxes, is a good way to help prevent spiders from hiding in your home’s storage areas. Preventing clutter helps to reduce the number of spider hiding places in your home.

Calling a Professional - Professional extermination the best option if you have a serious spider infestation, if the spider infestations are recurrent, or when dealing with very poisonous spiders. Professional exterminators have the most effective tools and experience when it comes to dealing with infestations in your home.
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