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How to Get Rid of Silverfish

silverfish pest control perthAs far as pets go, silverfish are not any where as dangerous as other forms of infestation; in fact, they are pretty much harmless. However, having these grayish, serpentine creatures running all over your bathroom is definitely not pleasant to look at, and is also a sign that your house is not as clean as it should be, which might mean more harmful and disgusting infestations in the future. You would do well to treat their presence as a warning sign, and take action before you end up with something much worse.

Silverfish feed on a variety of things, especially dead skin cells, and tend to thrive in dark, wet areas, which explains why they are most commonly found in bathrooms. They can also, however, feed on old books or starchy materials, so it is very possible that they might start out living in your bathroom and then make themselves at home in other parts of your house as well. There are plenty of ways to get rid of them, though, and the process is relatively simple and quick. If you do have silverfish in your home, first find out where exactly they’re lurking, and then consider the following methods on how to get rid of silverfish.

  • Homemade silverfish traps
  • Repellents and insecticides

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How to make easy silverfish traps

Some people with chemical sensitivity issues can’t handle the ingredients of the various insecticides available on the market, and some people just don’t like the idea of introducing chemicals like that into their homes. Luckily, there are plenty of homemade ways to get rid of silverfish, like homemade traps.

pest control perth logoOne can be made by wrapping a mason jar in masking tape and the putting a piece of bread in it. The silverfish that climb in to eat the bread will not be able to get back out, as the glass is too slippery, and can be disposed of as you see fit.

Another thing you could make is a newspaper trap?ll you have to do roll up a newspaper, securing it in place with an elastic, and then moisten it a little. Leave it overnight in the place where you’ve seen the silverfish, and by morning they will have eaten their way into it. Then, without unrolling it, take it outside and throw it out, repeating the process until you see no more of them.

Use pesticides and repellents which can get the job done as well.

silverfish control perthOne of these is diatomaceous earth. This is a rough yet powdery substance that kills silverfish by puncturing their exoskeletons, but is so fine that it poses no threat whatsoever to humans or pets. You can sprinkle it in your kitchen cabinets or along the baseboards, and the vacuum it up the next day along with the dead silverfish.

Another chemical substance you can use to get rid of silverfish is boric acid. However, this is toxic to the lungs, so be sure to avoid inhaling it while you apply it along the baseboards, under the bathtub, etc. Also, make sure the boric acid is kept out of the reach of small children and pets.

pest control perth earwigA chemical spray containing liquid pyrethrin will do the trick as well. Spray it wherever the silverfish in your house are sighted, as long as you do not use it in the kitchen area. This is a toxic substance that should not be ingested, even in small amounts, so remember to keep it away from any small children or pets as well.

Once you banish the silverfish from your home, it should be easy to keep them out permanently, as long as you keep things clean and tidy.

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