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How to Get Rid of Rats

Realizing how to get rid of rats, either in your home or your business, is not a pleasant discovery for anyone to make. Basically, you’re living with wild animals, however small, that are generally considered extremely unsanitary, to boot. This discovery can be made4 in different ways?ou might keep hearing strange, rustling noises form the attic and finally go check it, you may come across a pet food bag that has been chewed through, or you might actually spot one scurrying across the floor to its hiding place or hole.

Either way, it’s a frightening and rather disgusting discovery, mice control perth - how to get rid of ratsbut there’s no use crying over spilt milk, so now that you know you do in fact have rats living in your house or business, it’s time to take action before they start multiplying, making your situation even worse. There are in fact at least two ways to go about getting rid of the rats infesting your home, so for starters you’ll have to decide which one you prefer. You can:

  • Have professionals get rid of the rats
  • Remove the rats on your own

As with every decision, especially ones affecting your home and family life or professional life, the pros and cons of each methods should be considered before you make your decision.

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Getting rid of rats professionally.

eliminating rats pest control perthBasically, you’ll have to start by contacting a local exterminator or two and asking them for an estimate. It’s a delicate job, so it would be a bad idea to go with the cheapest possible option here, as that might result in the rats not being entirely eliminated and you having to waste time and money repeating the process. If you live in an are where rat infestations are relatively common, as someone you know and trust to refer you to someone they’ve gone to and been satisfied with. The exterminator will then propose one or more removal methods that might include poisoning the rats or simply setting traps for them. You should pay special attention to the types of poison or chemicals the exterminator proposes, as some could be potentially very harmful to small children or pets if accidentally ingested.

pest control perth logoAlso, be sure to ask the exterminator whether he will remove any rats that die in your home or business. Nobody wants a dead and rotting animal in a place they spend their time in, and dead rats can be especially tricky to remove if they die inside a wall or in other hard-to-reach places. Lastly, make sure you get some sort of guarantee or warranty from the exterminator you’ve chosen, just in case something goes wrong and not all of the rats are successfully removed from your property, forcing you to go through the whole process all over again.

Removing the rats yourself.

rat control perthNot for the faint-hearted, this method could be suitable for people who wish to remove the rats from their property in a more humane fashion, or alternately, avoid incurring the costs of professional extermination. If saving money is your biggest concern, you will need to use either poison or traps  designed to snap their necks, and then find a suitable place to dispose of the dead rats.

If not causing the rats excessive suffering is your main concern, then you can use cages to trap them using food as bait, and then release them into the wild later. It is especially important o remember that rats are intelligent creatures that will find their way right back into your home if you do not take them far enough away when releasing them, so take the necessary precautions to avoid going back to square one a few days later.

Getting rid of rats is not the most pleasant work, but if you take care to do it well, you will avoid having to repeat the process in the future and be able to enjoy a rat-free home or workplace for years to come.

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