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What is the Most Effective Termite Treatment?

Termites are a pest that can eat through the foundation of your home and make floorboards sag and eventually buckle, how then do we clear our homes of these pests? There are many home remedy solutions out there for treating your house of termites, these methods can range from using exterminating termites perthextreme temperatures to kill groups, making cardboard traps, and even using natural predators. But what is the most effective termite treatment? Let’s look at a few of our options and do a comparison.

  1. Extreme Temperatures
  2. Cardboard Traps
  3. Natural Predators

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Extreme Temperatures

termites prevention measuresOne method for clearing out termites is the use of extreme temperatures. This is done by taking infested pieces of furniture and either leaving them to bake in the hot sun or by freezing small pieces of furniture in a large freezer. These methods usually take 3-5 days per piece of furniture and is a limited termite treatment because you can only clear furniture with it and even then only the pieces that are the right size to be exposed to such temperatures. This means that any colonies that are in your walls or floorboards would continue to thrive and would spread again to your furniture once you pulled it back into your home.

Cardboard Traps

termite treatment perthAnother home method is the use of cardboard traps. Termites enjoy dark damp areas so it is possible to place small piles of cardboard, which termites will consider food, near problem areas and damp them slightly. This will temp termites into migrating into the cardboard stack which can then be taken to a safe area outside and burned. This process is then repeated until termite infestation is abated. This termite treatment is very effective for thinning out colonies within your home but can possibly miss larva or any unnattracted remnants of a colony and the infestation can begin again.

Natural Predators

pest control perth logoThe use of beneficial nematodes is a passive way to keep termites at bay. The nematodes lay their eggs inside of a number of pests and then their children kill the pest in the process of being born. Beneficial nematodes can be purchased at most gardening resource stores due to their helpful nature in organic gardening. This method can be effective in the killing of larva termites and if in use early on can prevent the need for other termite treatment methods. The downside is that the nematodes tend to stick to the outdoors and underground so if an infestation is already fully grown within your home the nematodes will do little to stop them.

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While all of these methods are good for clearing out termites even together they are not a for-sure guaranteed termite treatment. The most effective treatment for termites is to hire a professional the have pumps and pesticides among other tools available to them to best handle an infestation. They also know hidden away areas that termites are attracted to in homes that might otherwise be missed. The combination of these facts means not only will your termite problem be dealt with quickly, it will also vastly reduce the possibility of it coming back.

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