What do termites eat

What Do Termites Eat?

Termites cause massive damage to our homes and properties. Preventing and controlling them also require a big amount of money. Once they start to feed on our properties, they are capable of growing into bigger populations. Worst, they may develop resistance to pesticides and become more difficult to eradicate.

Where do termites live? What do termites eat? Do these organisms have any food preferences? What are the advantages of knowing about their eating patterns?

Termites usually reside in places conducive for their reproduction and survival. These are niches with adequate moisture content. Termites easily thrive in environments that are secure from predators and natural enemies like ants. These organisms are unable to withstand harsh environments. They prefer places which stay cool during hot weathers and warm during the cold season. Many termites prefer to build their nests or colonies underground.

What do termites eat? Termites feed on materials that contain cellulose. These are wood, cardboard, paper and books. Plant products such as cotton and plant fibres also provide nutrition to termites. In urban areas, termites are observed to chew on other materials like carpets, furniture, flooring and window frames. It is the nature of termites to destroy anything that comes in their way. When uncontrolled, termites may literally chew a whole house down.

What do termites eat? How do they process cellulose? The digestive system of termites contains cellulose-degrading microorganisms. Cellulose is converted to nutrients necessary for the termitesí growth and maintenance. Examples of this gut-thriving flora are protozoans which are single-celled organisms.

What do termites eat? What are their food preferences? Aside from paper and books, decayed wood is a favorite food of termites. Wood is easily digested by termites and the fungi present in decayed wood are good sources of nitrogen also necessary for the termitesí development.

What do termites eat? How do these organisms look for food? A colony of these organisms are composed of termites with defined social roles and responsibilities. The king and queen termite mate to reproduce and maintain the population size of the colony. Soldier termites protect the nest from enemies. Worker termites look and gather food for the entire colony. They also take care of the eggs and the newly-hatched larvae. When a worker termite spots a food source, it leaves a trail of scent to guide other worker termites. Since termites are not equipped with compound eyes like other insects, they use other senses in locating food.

Acquiring knowledge about the eating habits of termites helps an individual in planning ways of controlling these voracious pests. Termites are capable of producing new colonies when provided with proper breeding grounds and nutrition. Eradicating them early saves lots of resources.

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