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Treating Termites: Leave It To The Experts

Termites are voracious eaters of wood and other cellulose materials such as paper, cardboard and books. If these are not detected early, they may literally chew your whole house down. It is their nature to chew on anything that comes their way. Termites may actually reside inside your house but there are other types which nest underground and form tunnels from their nests to your house where they’ve discovered sources of food.

Treating termites involve many procedures. The first is the fumigation method or the application of pesticides that selectively kill termites. Treating soil around your house with chemical agents should always be done with absolute care because these chemicals not only kill termites but are also hazardous to your health.

A good illustration of the hazards of pesticides was the use of chlordane. Chlordane was found to cause damage to the liver and nervous system. Chlordane was transported from the surface of the treated soil to the ground water and absorbed consequently by plants and animals that foraged on these contaminated plants. Leaks in pipelines also lead to contamination of drinking water. Other chemicals were introduced to replace chlordane which was banned from the market since 1988. At present chemicals being used in treating termites are Termidor and Premise.

A second method of treating termites is by the use of baits. Plastic baits are positioned on the ground near suspected areas of termite infestation. Regular monitoring, repositioning and replenishing of the baits are necessary.

Applying the above procedures is oftentimes difficult. Looking for their nests is one aspect that should be considered to ensure total eradiation of these harmful pests. Treating termites often require the services of expert pest management personnel. These people are trained and experienced to uncover tracks of termites and carry out proper and effective termite treatment procedures. In case of severe types of infestation follow-up treatment is deemed necessary.

Pest control companies are equipped with the knowledge of identifying which species of termites has infested your house or property. Through experience and exposure, they are able to assess the extent of damage these termites have imparted to your house and what type of treatment is most appropriate and effective for your case.

Pest control companies charge customers differently but if they are able to eradicate completely the termites causing your problems, this is more cost-effective than losing your property or repairing massive damages of untreated termites. Just as long as you search for a credible company that has a good track record.

One should never underestimate the damage that termites can cause in your homes. Being in constant guard of highly susceptible wood materials which may be infested by termites is the best preventive approach.

For more information or help to eradicate termites at your home or office, check out our special offer at our termite treatment page.


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