The Dangers of Ants

Ants are usually not the first pests people think of when the topic of infestation comes up. Actually, ants can be pretty interesting creatures—they’re one of the cleaner insects, and are know for being hard-working, industrious and big team players. Most of us have looked on in with fascination at least once or twice in our lives as tens if not hundreds of ants worked together to get something done, carry a piece of food home, or fight off a predator. However, that doesn’t mean that ants are something we’d like to have infest our home. Aside from it being pretty ants pest control perthdisgusting to have any kind of insect slowly taking over your property, ants can also pose dangers to you and your family, especially fire ants.

Some of the dangers ants can pose to humans are:

  1. They can contribute to the contamination of your food
  2. Being swarmed by fire ants can result in lot of painful, itchy wounds all over the body
  3. Ants can cause structural damage to your property

All of this may come as a surprise to many people as ants are not generally seen as harmful. A full-blown infestation, however, can result in very unpleasant consequences.

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Ants tend to live near a water supply; the kitchen is perfect.

As the kitchen is also where you keep all your food, this will likely lead to them getting all over all of the food products they can find as well. Ants are tiny, so they fit pretty much anywhere, which can lead to a profound infestation of everything in your kitchen. Though nowhere as filthy as cockroaches, ants’ bodies carry a fair amount of bacteria that can lead to sickness in humans when ingested. And besides, who wants to find ants floating in their breakfast cereal?

Ants, especially fire ants, can pack a powerful punch when aggravated.

 As mentioned earlier, ants are big on teamwork, and that’s why anyone who has ever crossed any knows that they never attack one at a time. They are quite quick as well, and can crawl right up your clothes before you even really know what happened. Their bites cause severe stinging pain and relentless itching. People who happen to be allergic to them could also experience severe allergic reactions, especially when bitten so many times at once.

Some types of ants will chew right through your property.

pest control perth eliminating ants Carpenter ants, for instance, do not much like to nest in dry wood. Instead, they prefer to nest in structural lumber such as hollow doors, windows and wall voids, often entering the house via attic vents, cracks in walls, electric wiring or telephone lines. They usually seek out wood that has already become softened by moisture or decay. They then burrow into the wood to create their nests. When the infestation is particularly severe, small piles of fine wood shavings can actually be found beneath the wooden items they inhabit, and a quiet rustling sound can be heard when they are about their work.

All in all, the dangers of an ant infestation need to be taken just as seriously as any other kind of pest infestations. Failing to do so can result in multiple consequences of varying severity.

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