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There are a number of species of termites, and as they start to grow in number, their capacity to damage your property also increases. This is something that homeowners should always look out for as infestations can result in an ugly bank balance. Perth termite inspection services will see to it that every nook and cranny of your home is searched quickly and effectively for the presence of such, protecting what could be your biggest investment so far which is your home.

Our Perth Treatment Services:Inspection: Pinpointing their hiding places.

  • Termite Treatment: Exterminating the termites
  • Termite Control: Keeping away the termites


pest control perth termite treatmentIf you suspect you have an infestation, it may be very likely that you have already completed your own inspection. If you’ve noticed discarded wings or swarms of them, then DIY  will not work so you need to contact termite treatment experts right away.

Our riddance services will look for signs of termites in your home and based on their findings will recommend the best course of action so that your home is protected.



  • Holes in your drywall or exterior wood surfaces
  • Mud tubes around doors, along the concrete foundation of your home and also on wood piles and posts around your property.
  • Soft spots in floors, exterior wood decks, etc.


Once the white ants have been found, it is time to eliminate the pests from your home. Treatment service providers incorporate the best techniques to take care of the bugs based on the findings during the initial check, taking into account your home and any desires you may have about how they are dealt with.

If you would prefer non-chemical treatment options don’t hesitate to ask and treatment specialists will help you find the best option for your home and needs. There are several alternatives to chemical treatment, though most do not rid your property of termites outright. They instead prevent the termites from entering your home, and our professionals will help you choose the right one for your home.


Once the pests have been treated it is important to ensure that they do not return to bother you and your home again, especially if non-chemical treatments have been applied. It is essential to maintain the barrier between your home and the annoying creatures.

Subterranean type termites, the most common variety that attacks homes and spaces, feast on wood and other forms of cellulose materials, which often includes your house.

They may start out in nearby wood piles or feed on wood chips on the ground and then move from there into your home. They exist in colonies ranging in size from five hundred thousand to five million individual termites, which is a lot of termites no matter which way you look at it. Our technicians are experts at providing the most up-to-date advice on keeping them away from your property.

Termite treatment services may include regularly scheduled inspections of your property to keep an eye on the possibility of infestations and to keep your home investment secure and free of pests. So give us a call today and we’ll have our skilled and friendly termite control professionals out to your home today!

If you suspect a termite infestation, contact a professional pest controller immediately to determine the extent of the problem and a recommended course of treatment.  Call us today on 08 6311 4056  – we are your local qualified termite treatment professionals.


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