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These bugs are one of the most damaging types of infestations you can experience, doing millions of dollars of damage each year. They affect homeowners who have failed to take a few basic steps to prevent their home from becoming infested.  Once they invade your home, it almost always requires professional white ant treatment.

If you suspect an infestation in your Perth home or business, we recommend that you call in a professional inspector and implement a plan for treatment services. However, there are a number of things you can do to help reduce the chance of damage such as termite protection systems done by experts.

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Protection & Prevention

These options can be inexpensive and easy, if you plan ahead to keep them out. Once they’re already in your home it’s a lot more difficult to get them out, and then you’ll need to spend even more money to repair the damage they’ve already caused.  By taking a few basic steps you’ll be able to help prevent the costs involved with removing an infestation and repairing the damage that was caused.

Protection Services:

  • Remove whatever attracts them
  • Reduce moisture and humidity
  • See them coming
  • Put up the Walls

Get Rid of Attractants

One of the most effective methods of termite protection is to remove attractants. they are attracted to debris such as timber and cellulose., One of the most common things that are unknown are garden liners.   If you fail to select a substance that’s been treated to prevent termites from considering it a source of food, then you may be unwittingly attracting them to your home.  Along the same lines, be sure to keep things such as piled timber for fireplaces carefully stored, and clean up any cellulose-based debris that may be around your home.


Moisture and Humidity Control

Another thing that attracts this pest is high levels of moisture and humidity, termites are capable of burrowing underground, and these areas will draw them in.  For this reason, you must make sure that your home is well ventilated, including the crawlspace beneath your floors.  If necessary, invest in fans or dehumidifiers to help draw the moist air out to keep your sub-floor dry. Prevention is better than treatment when it comes to solutions.


See them coming

If the rest of your home is free from bait, you can see them coming by setting up bait stations around your property. These locations will help keep you safe from the arrival of termites in your area. This is a powerful tool, as there’s nothing that could better prepare you to prevent an infestation at the last minute like seeing them coming. After you have everything else in place, these are a few great steps to make sure you’re covered.  Finding white ants in your bait traps is a sign that it’s time to explore your home for things that might be attracting them, from food sources to leaks, to poorly ventilated areas.


Put up the Walls

One of the most effective methods of termite protection is to put up barriers between you and them, keeping them from ever entering your house or home to begin with.  These serve a couple of purposes, one of course, is to keep them out, and the other is to ensure that if they approach your home, that they have to stay out in the open where they can be detected.

Termite chemical barriers are what you might imagine, applying termite control chemicals to soil, concrete, and the outside of your home.  Physical barriers are a special design that is inedible and uncrossable to the termites, forcing those trying to find a way in to continue to try to find another way in. This leaves them out in the open, vulnerable, and able to be detected and kept away.

These are a few of the ways you can prevent infestations, however if you suspect one, contact a professional Perth inspector immediately to determine the extent of the problem and start the recommended course of treatment.  We are your local qualified professionals.

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