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Termites, with their small size, can cause tremendous damage on your property’s foundation and infrastructure. The damage they introduce could even blow out of proportion when a seemingly “minor” infestation is left untreated for a while. They also have a specific preference when it comes to food source, so some houses or property types may have a higher chance of infestation compared to others. In such cases, frequency of termite inspection must be increased accordingly.

You don’t have to search far and wide to have an inspection done in your Perth home. Just pick up the phone and fire away! Our team for Perth White Ant Control will be there soon, no matter where you are in Perth. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as our team is not only fast, they’re highly-trained, skilled, and knowledgeable as well. We’re being managed by Westate Pest Control, who have many years of professional experience in the industry.

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Termites are pests that eat away at the structure of your home, which not only reduces the value of the property but can also make it unsafe to live in. Therefore it is important to conduct termite removal quickly before the damage they cause gets out of hand. The problem with this is that termites are a subterranean species, meaning they burrow underground and can easily go unobserved for long periods of time. Perth in an ideal breeding ground for termites but our specialists in termite inspection services look for the following signs:

  1. Spongy Wood
  2. Mud Holes
  3. Termite Debris

Spongy Wood

The first part of our process is to inspect for the damage caused by these bugs. They can cause wood floors to sag which can be mistaken for natural wear and tear. However, an important feature that our specialists look for is whether or not the wood has become spongy. The reason behind this is that these critters burrow through the wood leaving tunnels back and forth. They support it with a mud-like substance that they excrete as they dig. As this continues, they hollow out the wood until it is supported almost entirely by their mud-like spit. This spit is what creates the sponge like consistency that our specialists look for when they inspect your property.


Mud Holes

The next sign we look for as part of our termite inspection services are the mud holes that these termites leave behind. As we described before termites excrete a mud like substance as they burrow through wood. Our termite inspection specialists inspect probable entry points for the termites and check to see if any openings to the tunnels are there. Some openings can be difficult or even impossible to see such as under the wooden foundation of the home. However, there are other likely avenues of entry including near windows where water might collect or in the garage where termites are attracted to the relatively warm and dark environment. These are only a few common places. Our termite inspection specialists will assess each property on a case to case basis for possible entry points.


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Even if the mud holes are beneath the house it is possible to find signs of a colony through our termite inspection services. One other thing that they check for is the debris left behind by a group. This includes their wooden pellet-like feces and the wings that the swarms shed as they migrate. These can be spotted near stumps on the outer perimeter of the property as well near other potential problem areas similar to where the mud holes might crop up.

Our service providers strive to have the leading edge on thoroughness and efficiency when it comes to catching infestations early on so that it can be dealt with quickly. They have been trained to take each assignment on a case to case basis to provide customized service to best suit the situation at suit your needs. This quality is what allows us to protect you from unnecessary property damage from these highly invasive pests. Our Perth Termite inspection and treatments will ensure that they do not return to pester your home any longer. If you see any signs of infestation, be sure to call a professional as soon as possible to reduce your losses

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