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Termite Control Tips From an Expert

Termites are incredibly destructive pests that eat their way into the woodwork of your home. They can cause sagging in floorboards and wood surfaces to take on a spongy texture. Given enough time wood structures become unsafe and in risk of collapsing so it is important to know about pest control perthtermite control.

Termite control tips:

  1. Identify the pest
  2. Set Proper Bait
  3. Termiticide

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Identify the pest

termites infestation in perthThe first step of termite control is to identify, this means to find the pest and to make sure that it is indeed termites. Termites can sometimes be confused with winged ants which swarm at the same time of year. Termites have a broad waist making the relatively straight in the body compared to ants which have the small midsection, also termites have two pairs of wing that are identical in size and overlap each other when at rest. Another way to see if you have termites is to check for the holes they make in wood surfaces, the openings to these may be caked with a mud like substance excreted by the termites as they dig. A final sign of termite infestation is wooden pellet like feces which will be scattered around the entry and exit points from wooden surfaces.

Set Proper Bait

termites prevention measuresAfter you have identified where the termite colonies are active you are ready for the next step in termite control. The next step is to place bait in the form of cardboard and paper, these can be laced with termite killer or after collecting a sizeable number of termites can be taken away and burned. The best places to put these bait traps are near problem areas in the home and outside near entry points to the house. This will dramatically reduce the termite colony’s population and can be repeated until the infestation is removed.


pest control perth logoTermiticide is a term used to describe pesticides which are intended for use in the extermination of termites and is the final step in termite control. Termiticide can be spread along the outside of the property and near entry and exit points to the home, and works well in conjunction with the bait traps discussed earlier. By lacing the cardboard with small amounts of termiticide, termites who gather bits of cardboard will carry the poison back to the main colony killing termite infestations at the source. Putting the termiticide around the outside of the property will prevent a new colony from moving in after the old one is eliminated effectively preventing future infestations.

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By following these simple steps for termite control you can most likely eliminate your termite problems. However, if you try these methods and your termite problem persists it is best to contact a professional. They will likely use some of these same tactics but will also have tools to fill termite tunnels with foam and know places that termites may try to hide that could have been missed in your attempts. If you can catch an infestation early though it is easier to put a stop to and these steps will be sufficient to eliminate your termite problems.

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