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Termite Control Perth – Termite Inspections & Treatment

Getting Termite inspection and treatment is only a phone call away. Whichever part of Perth you’re in, our accommodating team of highly-skilled, qualified, and licensed termite control experts who are supervised by Westate Pest Control can attend to your needs pronto. Westate Pest Control has been around providing quality services in Perth including termite control and inspection since 50 years ago, and continues to hold this reputation today. Our team assigned in termite control  can perform inspection, treatment, and prevention techniques to ensure that your home or building in Perth is termite-free.

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Westate Pest Control has been an accredited service provider for Pest Control Perth, as awarded by the leading contractor accreditation body in Australia, the Trades Monitor. This accreditation has been consistently maintained by Westate since 2008 until today.

To date, we have property sellers/buyers, property managers, strata companies and managers, landlords, real estate investors, real estate sales reps, and government agencies as some of our valued clients.

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About Termites in Perth

Although easily undermined due to their size and non-fatal nature, termites can cost dearly when left to progress and reach a full-blown infestation. Hire our Perth termite control services so we can have a look at your property and see where they’re hiding so that your largest investment, your house, is protected and so that it maintains the value and work you have put into caring for it.

Subterranean termites, the most common variety that attacks residential homes Perth Termite Controland spaces, feast on wood and other forms of cellulose materials, which can often include your house. The termites may start out in nearby wood piles or feeding on wood chips on the ground and then move from there into your home.

Subterranean termites typically exist in colonies ranging in size from five hundred thousand to five million individual termites, which is a lot of termites no matter which way you look at it. Our technicians are experts at providing the most up-to-date termite control, inspection & treatment services.

Our Perth Termite Control Services are provided in three basic steps:

  • Termite Inspection
  • Termite Treatment
  • Termite Control

Termite Inspection Perth

Perth Termite Control servicesTermites are naturally attracted to the wood and edible components of infrastructure, but some types may be more prone, which should call for a higher frequency of inspections. Leaving a termite situation to resolve by itself never works. As a matter of fact, it could only worsen and cause significant damage on your property.

Getting a Termite inspection for your Perth home is only a phone call away. Our friendly team can manage work in every suburb around Perth and we have highly skilled, qualified, licensed and trained termite control and inspection professionals, managed by Westate who have over 50 years experience servicing the Perth area. No challenge is too big or too small.


Termite Treatments in Perth

We firmly stand behind the effectiveness of our methods that we even offer our existing clients a 6-month to 1 year spot treatment, totally free of charge. The goal here is to give our clients the assurance that if ever there will be a re-infestation, or should there be any residual termites during post-treatment, we will still be there to take care of it. You can rest assured that our team utilizes the most effective methods not only in termite treatment but also in prevention and monitoring. 


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Termite Control Services Perth

Termites, also referred to as ‘white ants’, are attracted to all sorts of Lumber. If you proceed with a termite control services for your property we at Pest Control Perth would recommend removing any lumber  from the interior and exterior of the property. The best way to keep termites from invading your home or building is to eliminate their access to food sources. Pieces of wood and lumber must be thrown out of close proximity. Termites are also drawn by water, so as part of termite control it would be best to check pipes for leaks and to make sure that stagnant water sources are inaccessible.


Termite Protection

Westate Pest Control does not only provides termite control services mentioned above but also preventive measures termite control professionalfor homes or buildings that are still in construction. This is done by applying physical and/or chemical barriers that impede termite infestation after construction has been completed. Installation of physical barriers include the use of metals and other non-edible construction materials as part of the building’s infrastructure and foundation. Chemical barriers may be further applied by introducing a repelling agent into the materials which will inhibit termites from feeding on them.

Another way to stop termites from migrating into your home or building is to chemically treat the soil surrounding it. Another method of termite control applied by Westate Pest Control is through using an agent that will repel termites from moving farther into your property, making them retreat to look for another viable venue.

These are a few of the ways you can prevent against termites, however if you suspect a termite infestation, contact a termite control professional immediately to determine the extent of the problem and a recommended course of treatment.  Our treatment includes termite protection, to ensure that you do not get a reinfestation. Call us today on 08 6311 4056  – we are your local qualified termite control professionals.


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We have termite control mobile vans covering the entire Perth area plus we also have our head office in Malaga should you require to come and have a chat with us there.

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