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Silverfish Inspection

pest control perth getting rid of silverfish Silverfish do not actually pose any serious danger to humans directly—they’re not particularly pleasant to look at, but they do not spread diseases like many other pests so. Still, they can cause a lot of damage in the home, especially if they are allowed to live in favorable, moist and damp conditions that encourage breeding at increasingly quick rates.

pest control perth logoSilverfish feed on many objects that people consider valuable, filling them with holes and rendering them useless or destroyed. Among these things are various types of organic material, such as products made from cellulose such as books, paintings, photographs, and other organic matter, such as leather. They can also feed on substances commonly found in kitchens, such as starch and sugar, which means that your kitchen may also become infested with the grayish, wiggling creatures, and that is definitely not something any homeowner would want. Contact us before the situation gets out of hand!

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Signs of a Silverfish Infestation

Silverfish are nocturnal creatures that prefer dark and moist places, so it can be tricky to locate them in the light of the day. However, they usually leave ample evidence of their presence behind. Some telltale signs of a silverfish infestation are:

Cast skins. Because they molt during their adult lives, their cast skins may be found on the bathroom or kitchen floors.

Irregular-shaped holes in wallpaper and linen. One of the things silverfish like to eat is wallpaper paste, and so if you are in fact experiencing a silverfish infestation you might find irregular-shaped holes in the wallpaper itself, they were probably caused by the silverfish trying to get to that wallpaper paste. You may also find similar holes in your clothes, shoes or linen that silverfish have been eating.

Yellowish stains. When silverfish chew on books or lines, they may leave behind yellowish stains that encircle the a actual holes made.

Fecal matter. Silverfish leave behind feces that look like black pepper that you may find scattered around on various flat surface in your kitchen or bathroom.

Spotting silverfish. As mentioned before, silverfish tend to leave their homes in the cracks and crevices or your home when it’s dark. Because of this, you may witness some silverfish frantically running for cover if you suddenly turn on the light in your bathroom when they aren’t expecting it.

Getting Rid of Silverfish

silverfish pest control perthThere are many non-chemical methods and substances that can be used to either kill the silverfish infesting your home or simply scare them off—the insects find certain plants’ scents unbearable. You could also try buying a dehumidifier, as that would reduce the amount of moisture in your home and make it less desirable to silverfish. At times, though, the silverfish infestation may be too large to get rid of on your own. If the silverfish infestation of your home or property has gone on for a while and has now gotten completely out of control, you will need to call in a professional.

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When you contact us, we will send one of our experienced, qualified experts to conduct an inspection of the premises. If the infestation is in fact very advanced, it will probably be necessary to treat your home or business with an insecticide in order to eliminate both the silverfish and their yet unhatched eggs Once the job is done, our expert will also give you a list of recommendations concerning hygiene, cleaning routines, etc. to keep the them from returning.

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