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Perth Silverfish Control Silverfish may not be dangerous to human health, but a silverfish infestation can present a serious problem to your home or business if you’re experiencing a silverfish infestation, there is nothing to wait for—things need to be dealt with professionally, so give us a call today. the issue is not dealt with in time.

If you are finding silverfish in your bathroom, under your sink, in your basement or in your attic then our friendly highly skilled, qualified, licensed  pest control professionals can help.  Our Pest Control Perth experts are well equipped to handle all pests from spider control to cockroach infestations. No pest is too nasty! We are always ready to act and move quickly and discreetly for any sort of silverfish control problems.

best pest control perth sliderSigns of a Silverfish Infestation:

  • Cast off skins from molting
  • Tiny holes in your clothes
  • Damages boxes in the pantry

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Our Silverfish Control Services

If you notice any of these problems, and suspect that you may be experiencing a silverfish infestation, our Perth pest control experts have the specialized training necessary to deal with your silverfish problem. You could try to get rid of them yourself, if their numbers are not yet too great, best pest control perth westateby eliminating their food supply and thoroughly cleaning all of the nooks and crannies of your home. If it’s too late for that, however, give us a call immediately.

One of our qualified silverfish pest controllers will come by your home or business to assess the situation, and then decide what the best solution to your problem is. Usually, we decide to utilize some sort of insecticide, such as the liquid sprays that are specifically designed to be distributed around the perimeter to both scare away silverfish living on your property and deter new silverfish from moving in. If your infestation is mainly in your attic, we may also decide that insecticide dust will work best in your situation.


About Silverfish

Perth Silverfish ControlThe good news is that silverfish are not know to be particularly dangerous to humans—in general, there’s not much they can do to harm humans or even pets.  They can however be a nuisance, especially in larger numbers, and decidedly unpleasant to look at or have scampering around. If so it’s time to contact our pest control experts, and issue these nuisance pests an eviction notice. Though largely harmless, it’s better not to have them in your home, especially because the conditions your home offers are especially beneficial for silverfish, and can thus lead to a rapid increase in their numbers.

So even if you feel that only one or two silverfish are there and that there is no reason to worry, you should schedule an appointment with one of of our technicians, as prevention is always better than cure.


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Problems Silverfish can Cause

Silverfish’s main priority in life seems to be obtaining food. They can roam some distance in search of it, but once they have found a food source, they remain close to the source for months on end, or even years. Then, these nuisance pests proceed to feed on all of the natural textiles, wallpaper, books and paper they can find.

Silverfish can damage or destroy:

  • pest control logoFlour
  • Paper
  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Linen

Silverfish eat both protein and carbohydrates, so most of the things they find in your home are fair game. Normally, however, their diet includes, but is not limited to, sugar, dead insects, paste, and linen. Silverfish prefer a dark, moist environment and in damp basements or attics, and they can also feed on surface molds which also explains why they seem to feel so at home in bathroom. Moisture simply draws them. Even though they do not cause direct harm to humans, the damage they do to your property can be substantial especially in the event of a full-on infestation.


About our Pest Control Service in Perth

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