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Signs of Mice Infestation

When you run a business, or own your own home there can be so much to worry and stress about, that pest control can be furthest from your mind. Sometimes though, it is something we can’t help but worry about. Whether you have faced a mice infestation or not before, it’s always good to be able to know what to look for. Knowing the signs of mice infestation can help you catch the problem before it gets too awful to deal mice control perthwith in a discreet and cost effective manner.

  • Droppings
  • Grease Marks
  • Urine Pillars
  • Scratching Noises
  • Nests
  • Tracks
  • Strong Smell
  • Live Or Dead Mice

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One of the first signs of mice infestation you will notice is mouse droppings. When you do notice these, if you have an infestation problem you will generally notice anywhere from 50 to 80 small, black or brown pellet like droppings dispersed haphazardly. Some of the more common places for these droppings to be found are along the edges of walls, in cupboards, and even under sinks.

Grease Marks

One of the lesser known tell-tale signs of mice infestation is grease marks. Grease marks are dark colored smears you may find around small holes, or on corners of walls, and they are caused by the fur of the mouse when it or they constantly brush against floors, walls, or when they skirt along regular routes through out the building where you have the infestation.

Urine Pillars

Urine pillars are one of the signs of mice infestation that really only shows up in deep rooted or infestations of a considerable size. The grease that builds up on the coat of the mouse combines with the mouse’s urine and builds up into small mounds. These small mounds have a size of up to four centimeters high, and up to one centimeter wide.

Scratching Noises

When you hear, or the people who are close to you complain of unusual scratching noises during night time hours, it could definitely be one of the signs of mice infestation. Night time is when mice are the most active, and if you listen for those kinds of noises during the night, you are most likely to hear them when listening between your walls, under your floorboards, in fake ceilings, down in basements, and even up in lofts.

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eliminating rats pest control perthMice use all sorts of things to makes nests with. Things like easily shredded materials- Newspaper, and fabrics, and they combine them with soft fluff and stuff to line the inside of their nests. When looking for signs of mice infestation, seeing shredded bits and pieces of these sorts of materials in lofts, suspended ceilings, cavity walls, under floorboards, behind your fridge, even under your stove or in airing cupboards. Be wary when looking for these in particular, because mice nests quite often will have babies, and young mice inside of them.


Tracks are a great way of figuring out if you have a mice infestation. It is definitely one of the more  proactive ways. What you can do to be absolutely sure of mice prints is to sprinkle places like dusty, unused lofts, or basements with powders like talcum powder, flour, or china clay. Then you can go back  to where you sprinkled the powder the very next morning and check to see if there are any fresh tracks or not.

Strong Smell

When you have a mice infestation you will begin to notice a very heavy or strong ammonia  smell. It will usually be noticed when you are nearer to the main source of your infestation problem, or in an enclosed space. You have to be careful with this because the smell can linger for a very long time, even after you have already had your mice infestation removed.

Live Or Dead Mice

mice pest control perthYet another way of noticing signs of mice infestation is finding live or dead mice during the day time. Mice prefer night for most, if not all their activity, which is why it is easier to notice the activity rather than seeing an actual mouse. If you do see a live or dead mouse during the day time that is a sign of a very heavy, and dangerous mouse infestation.

Being aware of the signs of mice infestation is key when you are trying to protect your family, coworkers, or clients from the hazards that mice infestation can produce.

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