Rats Pets – Why Not?

Rats make excellent pets! I never thought I’d own a rodent–especially a rat. I visited the pet store to look for a potential pet. After reluctantly handling a baby rat, I was hooked! I purchased three boys along with a rat condo, food, toys, treats, and bedding.

Rats are very neat. They groom themselves and each other daily. They rarely smell dirty but many will tolerate an occasional bath. Their diet is simple–protein blocks, fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. Rats can pretty much eat what humans eat with few exceptions. They require fresh water daily.

Rats require little maintenance. Their cage will need to be cleaned regularly. The frequency of this varies from home to home. My rats are 6 months old and I need to clean their cage twice a week. The cages can be lined with a variety of materials–paper, shavings (not pine), fleece, cardboard etc. Cages come in a variety of sizes and should contain bedding material and plenty of toys for your rats.

Rats are prone to upper respiratory infections and they must be watched closely for this. Most URIs can be treated easily with antibiotics.

Rats require a lot of stimulation. They’re incredibly smart and need to interact to avoid extreme boredom. A bored rat can be a destructive rat. Rats do much better if they live with a rat buddy or two. Due to their high intelligence, they can become lonely if the don’t have a companion.

I don’t for one moment regret having adopted my rat pets. They’re excellent companions with a lot of personality and charm.

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