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Rats may have originated from European and Asian countries, but they have certainly laid their claim in Australia. When it comes to sharing the planet with all creatures of the Earth, there is a difference between live and let live and letting rats invade and take over your home.

rat control is a common concern among resident throughout Australia. If you fear your home might be subject to rat infestation, read on to find out more about the two main types of rats. Learn disease threats caused by rat infestation and determine whether it’s time to call a rodent exterminator.

AZ Pack Rat

The AZ pack rat has a somewhat bushy tail, light colored feet and a white underbelly. Pack rats enjoy nesting in any number of places, including desert cacti and really any place around a home that provides a place to burrow.

As a forager, the AZ pack rat has a tendency to gather small shiny objects. They make nests out of branches, sticks and other forms of rubble. The tendency to stash things attracts lice, fleas, snakes, spiders and other critters.

Roof Rats

Roof rats are typically dark brown, almost black in color, with tails that are longer than their bodies. Roof rats usually prefer to nest in the attic of a home or office building, but can also be found in trees, garbage piles, construction sites and many other areas.

Commonalities Between Roof Rats and the AZ Pack Rat

Both roof rats and the AZ pack rat need only a small crawl space to gain entry to your home. These nocturnal creatures can climb walls and fences with relative ease.

Pack rats and roof rats are notorious for damaging property, which may include electrical wiring, home insulation and woodwork.

Rat droppings and urine can also contribute to severe property damage, not to mention the stench left by urine and feces.

Diseases Carried By Roof Rats and the AZ Pack Rat

Rat infestation is no joke. Roof rats and pack rats are disease infested rodents and a rodent exterminator is often your best defense for Perth rat control. These flea ridden vermin carry a garden variety of bacteria and parasites, posing a serious health threat to pets and humans.

Among the numerous diseases that can be transmitted by roof rats and the AZ pack rat are rat bite fever, salmonella, arenavirus, hanta virus, trichinosis, weil’s disease, typhoid and the plague. Some diseases can be fatal.

Disease transmission can occur through bite wounds, breathing in the dust particles from contaminated droppings and urine. Rat infestation can also pollute drinking water and human food supply. Fleas, mosquitoes and any other bugs in contact with rats can also transmit disease.

Your friendly rat exterminator can help keep your loved ones safe with expert rat removal strategies and proper waste clean up.

If you would like help with rat control, just give us a call on (08) 6311 4056.

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