How To Get Of Rats

Rats that manage to infest homes are generally either the brown rats also known as Norwegian rats, or the roof rats also known as house rats. It’s important to get rid of rats because they create a lot of damage, and they pose a serious health risk. Here are some ideas on how to get rid of rats by yourself.

If you want to know how to get rid of rats without having to call in the professionals, we can help. Of course these guidelines on how to get rid of rats may not always work, so you may still need the pros.

The first thing you need to know when it comes to how to get rid of rats is how to find them. Most times they are actually close to the ground living near the foundation and your walls. You will have to get under your house’s crawl space. You should see their burrows and then you can figure out how big your rat family is. This will play a role in determining how to get rid of rats. Always wear protective gear when working anywhere near rats, including a mask. You can see rodent urine by using a black light if you have one.

Once you find the colony it’s time to figure out how they are entering your home. Remember a rat can get in an opening that is ½” wide so look at your home through the eyes of a rat paying special attention to any cracks, gaps, or small holes. The first step in the how to get rid of rats guide is to plug and seal any and all holes, gaps, or cracks you find. Start at the ground level and work your way to the roof. Remember rats are excellent climbers so don’t forget the eaves and the roof itself.

Now that you’ve blocked all entrance points you just need to know how to get rid of rats already in your home.

The best tool is a snap trap. These look just like a mouse trap only a lot bigger. They are easy to set and they instantly kill the rat. There are also glue boards. The problem is that when the rat steps on the board, if it works (which is rare) the rat is still alive so now you are faced with trying to pick up the trap without getting bit and you have to kill the rat.

You can also use a rat zapper, which lures the rat into a box that then delivers a lethal shock. That said, in many cases the zap is not enough to kill the rat. This is why snap traps are really your best bet. Use peanut butter for bait and check the traps at least once a day. Always wear gloves when disposing of the rat bodies, double bag, and place in outside garbage container.

Know that you know how to get rid of rats, you should enjoy a rat free home.

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