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Recently, a college called me to check out a building that had been shut down due to rodents chewing on wires, it was a horrific site. By the time we arrived a few hours later (and that’s fast for a pest control company!), the electric company had already begun repairs. This sounds like a scary situation, and it was, but it could have been scarier. Experts in fire control estimate up to 80% of all unknown house fires are caused by rodents chewing on electrical lines.

I don’t know about you, but I always used to ask myself, why, oh why would a rat or mouse chew on wires? Well, without a background in pest control, you probably would not know that mice and rats have an instinct to gnaw. It is a good instinct for them, it is how they control the growth of their teeth. These rodents can have serious overgrowth without something to chew on.

If you are hearing mice in the walls, this is a good time to call a professional. If it sounds larger than a mouse, you want to call someone licensed in wildlife management. In either case, it is nothing to play around with. Call someone sooner than later to avoid possible fire hazards.

Whenever I show up on a “mouse job”, I always ask if mice are being seen. If so, I go for them were they are manifesting. I know that they have to eat after they find shelter, so we look for possible food sources for them, then do our best to eliminate them, and then we expose them to the conditions that we want to present that will help eliminate them. However, if mice or rats are not coming out for whatever reason, I get concerned.

When mice or rats are confined or stuck in a wall, I become extremely proactive, knowing that they might be chewing on wires. There are some things that can be done, one that I save only after having no other option: use tracking powder. I am sure that most folks are not familiar with tracking powder, since I have never seen it in a mouse movie. But it is one of the most effective techniques that we have in the pest control industry; I just prefer to save it as the last option. Why? it can be dangerous if misused. Tracking powder works on another instinct that rodents have–to groom themselves. The rats or mice will run through the powder unknowingly, them lick themselves, digesting the product–to their death. It is the same as giving them any over-the-counter bait that you might have used, with the exception that tracking powder is not a voluntary action like bait consumption. The rodents do not realize that they are eating the poison as they do when you put bait out for them, which requires them to decide to eat it.

If you have a mouse in the house, or your business, do not play around. If you are trying to eliminate them yourself, and not successful, it might be time to call a professional.

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