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Preventing Mice Infestation

mice pest control perthThere are many ways in which you can protect your family, or business from the dangers of mice infestation. One of the best way of doing so is by taking precautions, and preventing mice infestations before they can begin to be an issue that causes your family, your coworkers, or your business any kinds of grief.

  • Food Sources
  • Plants and Vegetation
  • Holes and Spaces
  • Preventing Initial Entry

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Food Sources

rat control perthMice can sustain themselves with very little sustenance around for a very long time. It is very important that you deny them any food source whatsoever when preventing mice infestations. If you can store your pet food, regular food, or trash in containers that can easily be securely sealed then that will prevent any mice from finding one more thing to add to their food source. If they can’t find easily accessed food on your property, then chances are they will make a short run at attempting to make your building a home for themselves. Disposing of any food waste that you have as soon as you possibly can into those storage containers will be great for preventing mice infestations.

Plants and Vegetation

Some common plant seeds, and many plants and grasses are natural food for mice out in the wild. Knowing this can help you figure out different ways for preventing mice infestations. If you keep your lawn grass cut very short, and refrain from planting climbing vine plants, big bushes, and overhanging plants, it will keep the roadways that are generally ope n for mice down to an absolute minimum. They can also use long tree branches to climb up to your roof. It also cuts down on the potential nesting and shelter areas that mice could find in or around your home or place of business. Keeping large gaps between the foundations of your building and your grass area is an ideal circumstance for preventing mice infestations.

Holes and Spaces

We do not like to think of our home or business having holes or lots of tiny spaces for rodents and other animals to get into, but in reality there a tons of small spaces and tiny places for them to get through. Often times holes are made on the exterior of your property so you can put wires pr cables running through them, but mice are able to fit their tiny jaws and make bigger holes just for them to fit through.

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Mice have very soft flexible skeletons that give them the capability of fitting through gaps no bigger than the width of a pencil, which means if you have a small gap at the bottom or top of your door that could present a large problem. Fortunately that’s a large  problem that has an easy solution. If you fit your doors with bristle weather stripping, specially when you have a gap between your door and your door frame, this solves the issue.

Make sure you keep any attics well ventilated and dry, free of moisture, and replace any loose mortar or weather striping that may be found around your basement foundation or windows. Inspect every item that comes into your home or business to make sure you don’t bring anything pest control perth ratsin with you. When looking at pipework, make sure you seal up any possible holes that may be in existence. You can use coarse stainless steel wool and caulking, because any holes larger than 5 millimeters will let mice in. you can also use caulking or cement to seal up any holes in your window framing or your ceilings. With air ventilation you have to be very careful to seal that up, experts say to cover it with very fine galvanized wire mesh.

Preventing Initial Entry

One of the first and most basic things you can do is to just seal up everything you can think of and prevent any potential entry that mice could use to try and infest and invade your home or business.

pest control perth logoOne last thing for preventing mice infestations that is very important for the health and safety of your family, coworkers, or clients is overall good sanitation. Most houses can be built with rodent infestation in mind now a days, and you could start out our home or business with rodent proofing right away. The cleaner, and more food free your home or business is, the better actual traps will work if you do end up with an infestation.

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