Possum Removal Perth


Possum Removal Perth

Are you facing a possum problem in your place and want to relocate them? Call Best Pest Control Perth for possum catching service. We can find, catch, or trap the possums that live in your roof area. We do not harm or kill your Possum only relocate them.

Possums are very loud at night. It sounds similar to the noises made by mice that you can easily confuse them for mice. Possum droppings are the best approach to recognize their presence. Their droppings are more significant than other pests. They also release an offensive smell and stain roofs with their feces.

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Most Common Types of Possum

Can be specified as:
Grey coloured hair and Pink nose
Similar size as a house cat
Long pointed ears
Brushy tail with a white tip
Live in roof areas, vents and also garden shelters

Can be specified as:
Being shorter sized than Brush Tailed Possums with a maximum weight of around 1 kg
Darkish brown hair on top of their body and white spots back their ears and eyes
Small rounded ears
Long tapered tail with a remarkable white tip
It eats a kind of plant leaves as well as garden flowers and fruits

What attracts Possums in Residence?

Possums are herbivores, and they eat fruits, leaves, garden flowers, vegetables. If in your house or backyard these are available, the risk of possum attraction. Possums also eat bugs, snails, and eggs of birds.

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Fun Fact about Possums

 Different climate, different colour -  According to location color and size of Possum varies. Possums that are living in snowy, damp regions can be quite dark in color, large and very fuzzy. In warm weather, possums are light in color and small size.
17-day pregnancy - Female Brushtail Possums have a 17-day pregnancy period. Their babies are born small and undeveloped as compared to humans.

Short childhood - Childhood period of possums is small, at the age of 10 months, there are considered as adult.

How do you Prevent a Possum Problem?

You can practice several things to discourage the entrance of possums in your home.
Cover all opening points that are used by possum for entrance.

Or covering a large hole you can use wire mesh.

Trim all branches of your garden tree because possums use it for climbing to your roof.

If you have bins in your outdoor area then make sure you cover it properly.

Do not leave any leftover food on your property as it may attract possum in your home.

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Contact Us for Possum Catching Service

Best Pest Control Perth provides professional possum removal service across. As you know, the killing of Possum is not legal; we only catch and relocate them.
If you are looking for a possum catcher team in Perth, contact us! Experts of Best Pest Control will solve your possum problem at an affordable cost. You can ensure our trained specialists will be on time and remove Possum humanely. We have a fully skilled, insured, and certified possum catcher team in Perth. Call us on the given number and get rid of the possum issue.


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