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A pest inspection is a visual inspection of the building (outside, inside and if possible, the crawl space). Our qualified Perth pest inspectors will thoroughly examine your property from top to bottom. Other than pesky critters, the pest inspector will also look for fungus or dry rot, water Pest Inspection Perthdamage, all wood destroying organisms, plumbing leaks and wood to earth contact. Our Perth pest control services can help any home or business from being taken over by pests like termites, ants, mosquitos, rodents, and more.

This will usually take 45 minutes to an hour and a half for a thorough pest inspection depending on the size and condition of the property. Following the pest inspection you’ll receive an estimated cost to repair of any problems we find, along with a full report from Westate Pest Control Perth.


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Our Perth Pest Inspections look for:

Rats and mice

 Perth Pest Inspection Rats and Mice ControlThere can be many signs that rodents are infesting your home. The pest inspection experts here at Westate are trained to spot them no matter how subtle they are. Some good indicators you have mice or rats in the building are tracks, or droppings, and gnaw marks.



Pest birds build their nests in ventilation systems, roofs, and even chimneys. If you spot any of the more common and easy to see indicators of bird infestations like droppings, nests or bird noises inside the home call us at Westate Pest Control Perth to have an inspector come out and give your house a look today.



Perth Insect and Pest InspectionsOur licensed professionals know exactly where to look to find any potential insect infestations. We’ll thoroughly examine inside your home, from kitchens to bathrooms and closets, if they like to hide in an area, we’ll be sure to check it.

We also examine the perimeter of your home, and outlaying areas around your home like trash storage areas, mulched landscape beds, and storage buildings.


Bed bugs

Detecting bed bugs through different pest inspection methodsBed bugs are extremely difficult to spot if you don’t have the knowledge to find them. There are only a few ways for a home owner to spot a bed bug infestation, one of them being rust colored spots on your bed. We makes sure all of it’s employees are trained in the best possible pest inspection methods to ensure we don’t miss a thing.



Household pest inspectionAnts are among the most prevalent pests in households. A well trained inspector should be able to identify some of the telltale signs of an ant infestation. A few easy to notice signs are long trails of ants, holes or cracks in the foundations, and a distinctive rustling sounds similar to the crinkling of cellophane. Ants may be small, but nests can get large enough to produce noticeable noise.



cockroach-controlRoaches are nocturnal insects, so it’s likely you won’t see them very often if you’ve got an infestation. However, some signs you’ve got cockroach infestation are visible cockroach feces that resembles coffee grounds or black pepper, dead roaches, and in heavy infestations certain species of roaches emit unpleasant smells.



termite-treatment-brisbaneWhile there are a couple different kinds of termites, looking for them is the same basic concept for a good inspector. Our inspectors will diligently look for signs of termites such as buckling of wood, swollen floors and ceilings and areas that appear to suffer from slight water damage.


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If you think you have any of these pests infesting your property, or would like to set up annual pest inspections, contact Westate Pest Control Perth  at 08 6311 4056 to discuss pest inspection and extermination or removal options.

Our local pest controllers are on hand now to deal with any nasty pests, for both residential pest control and commercial pest control customers in Perth.. Let us handle your pest control problem quickly and for good.

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