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best pest control perth sliderNo matter whether they’re rodents, flies, cockroaches, or anything of the sort, pests are not something anyone wants in their office. Not only will your employees become both disgusted and demotivated, you also run the risk of horrible embarrassment should one of your clients who just happens to be paying you a visit catch sight of the pests infesting your office. Needless to say, every pest poses health risks as well, and can cause numerous illnesses should the bacteria they carry make its way into your employees’ food, which can lead to numerous days of sick leave, or even lawsuits. Last but not least, pests also damage your property by doing everything from staining your walls to chewing through cables and wires.

pest control perth ratsIf you have begun to suspect that your office could be experiencing an infestation of any kind of pest, it’s time to take action! One of the things all pests have in common is a rapid breeding rate, given the right conditions, so ignoring the problem in hopes it will go away on its own will lead to a full-fledged infestation that will be much harder and more expensive to deal with than it would have been had the issue been dealt with at the beginning.

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Problems Pests Can Cause in the Office

Depending on the type of pest infesting your office, the damage done and problems caused my vary.

Rats, for example, may:

  • chew through various cables and wires, causing potential fire hazards
  • shred all sorts of materials they need to make their nests—in an office, these could be valuable documents
  • get into the kitchen or other room where the office’s food is kept, tearing holes in packages and contaminating foodstuffs with the bacteria in their fur
  • leave dark, greasy, foul-smelling stains along the routes they usually take to go places, usually along walls, furniture or floorboards

Cockroaches may:

  • leave a greasy, foul smell on everything they touch
  • destroy organic substances such as paper or leather by chewing holes through them
  • cause allergic reactions due to the amount of toxins on their bodies

Flies may:

  • spread all sorts of disease due to their habit of crawling all over everything, from fecal matter to foodstuffs
  • be a nuisance and a distraction to people trying to work

Our Pest Control Solutions for offices

Contact us immediately if you’ve observed any of the issues listed above. The first thing we will do is send one of our experienced, qualified pest control perth logoexperts to conduct an assessment of the premises, checking all of the nooks and  crannies were the pests are likely to hide or build their nests. Then, we will tell you exactly what you are being infested with and your options for solving this issue. If possible, we will propose a non-chemical solution, but in many cases, especially when the pests have had the chance to multiply freely over a longer period of time and their numbers are great, it may well be necessary to treat your business with a powerful insecticide in order to eliminate both the adult pests and their eggs. Afterwards, our expert will likely give you a list of recommendations concerning hygiene, cleaning routines, etc. for the future to keep the pests from returning.

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If you have a feeling your office may be experiencing some sort of pest invasion, contact us today and take care of the problem before it multiplies!




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