Pest Control Solutions for Hotels

best pest control perth sliderAs a hotel owner, a pest infestation is likely one of your worst nightmares. Today’s Internet age means that not only will your guests be disgusted by coming across whatever kind of pest may be invading your hotel, and demand a discount or a refund, and then warn all of their friends not to stay at your establishment—it also means that courtesy of various hotel booking sites, the whole world will find out about your pest problem.Needless to say, this could cause your business to suffer greatly, even long after you’ve gotten rid of the problem—the pests may be gone, but the chill-inducing reviews horrified guests wrote about what they encountered in their rooms will remain.

pest control perth logoIn a place like a hotel, where people from all parts of the world, along with their pest and suitcases, constantly come in and go out, it can be hard to prevent a pest infestation, but it something you have to constantly fight to protect your business. If you do suspect you ma be experiencing a pest invasion, contact us as soon as possible and take advantage of our Pest Control Solutions for Hotels before they start breeding.

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The Most Common Hotel Pests and Their Signs

It is extremely important to be able to recognize the signs you may be under a pest invasion so you can deal with them before it becomes a serious issue—it is also a good idea to get your staff together for a short training course in spotting the telltale signs of the more common pest invasions so they know what to look for.


Many people wrongly believe that bedbugs can only be found in dirty places, but the truth is that as they feed on blood alone, they can live in almost any home or hotel. Some signs that your hotel might be becoming infested with bedbugs are small, rusty-colored stains on the bedding from either the bites they’ve inflicted on their host or their excrement and a sweet but musty smell in the bedroom, especially near the headboard.

Rats & mice

When choosing a place to settle, rats and mice usually look for two things: a steady and accessible supply of food and water, as well as good places to hide around the property. Unfortunately, hotels fit these criteria perfectly. If you’ve found any boxes, sacks, wires or cables that look like they have been chewed through, observed small piles of dark droppings in certain places, or heard unexplained chattering or scratching noises in the attic or the walls/floor, you can be pretty sure rats or mice have moved into your hotel.


Silverfish are in fact relatively to humans, as they do not bite or transmit disease—still, it is unlikely your guests want to watch them scamper around the bathroom as they try to relax in the tub. Silverfish can also cause substantial property damage by chewing through things like linen and paper.

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Our Pest Control Solutions for Hotels

pest control perth spidersContact us immediately if you’ve observed any of the signs listed above. We will send one of our experienced, qualified experts over to your hotel to conduct an assessment of the premises. Then, we will tell you exactly what you are dealing with and how we think the issue pest control perth cockroachshould be resolved. If the infestation is advanced, it may well be necessary to treat your hotel with a powerful insecticide in order to eliminate the pests in all stages of development. Afterwards, our expert will give you a list of recommendations concerning hygiene, cleaning routines, etc. to keep the pests from returning.

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