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pest control perth logoDo you have a mouse in your house? Do swarms of mosquitos make life miserable for you or your visitors?  Are termites damaging your home or business? If nasty pests are taking over your property, our pest control services could be right for you. Not sure if you have a problem? Look for these common warning signs

Common Warning Signs: 

  • Sagging walls or floors
  • Visible holes or tunnels in walls or furniture- insects might drill holes the size of a pencil point, rodents might leave holes large enough for the whole pencil.
  • Dead insects
  • Noises in your walls or celling
  • Bad odors- pests can be attracted to bad odors, as well as producing come of their own
  • Rodent or insect leavings- such as feces, sawdust, wings, webbing or egg casings
  • Evidence of nesting like piles of shredded paper.
  • Ant hills around the yard
  • Areas of standing water on or around your property
  • And of course, any sightings of live ants, termites, rodents or other pests.

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Meet the culprits

termites and white antsTermites – Termites hide in your walls or under your floors, so infestations often go unnoticed until after significant damage has been done.  Don’t wait until it’s too late!  We offer pest control services including regular monitoring and inspection, along with the right combination of physical and chemical barriers for your property to help stop costly infestations before they start.

ant control perthAnts – Like termites, some types of ants can do serious damage  to your property. Worse, ants are attracted to food, and may get into your kitchen or supplies, destroying food and spreading dangerous contamination.  Pest control services for ants include monitoring systems and chemical barriers. We use a variety of traps and baits tailored to your situation to help stop ants cold and destroy their nests before they become a serious problem.

fly pest control perthFlies and Mosquitos –  Mosquitos can be irritating, but did you know they could be dangerous? Mosquitos and biting flies can spread a host of dangerous illnesses through their bites.  We can help you identify and reduce risks like standing water that make your property prime mosquito breeding ground.  Call us today and ask about pest control services for flies and mosquitos.

spider pest control perthSpiders- Tens of thousands of species of spiders exist, most of which pose no significant threat to humans. However, a spider infestation can serve as a warning that you have other pests that they are feeding on, a sign that you should consider pest control.  Services for spiders focus on exclusion plans- limiting the ways that spiders and other pests get inside in the first place, and working to reduce conditions that encourage them to stay.

eliminating bed bugs in perthBed Bugs- These small parasites will often feed on humans while they sleep. Worse, spending time somewhere that is infested- such as hospitals or hotels- can bring the problem home with you.  Commercial or residential property owners alike should call today to take advantage of our experience in pest control. Services include both inspecting for and treating bed bug infestations before they can spread.

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cockroach pest control perthCockroaches- Cockroaches aren’t just a nuisance, they can contaminate food and spread diseases like salmonella to your and your loved ones. Worse, they breed quickly and resist many do-it-yourself methods of control.  To protect your home and family, professional pest control services are the best option to target and eradicate roaches at the first sign of infestation.

eliminating rats pest control perthRodents- Mice, rats and other rodents will come into your home looking for food, water and warmth. Once inside they chew on wires, destroy property to make their nests, steal food and spread disease.  Rabies, Staph, Hantavirus and other illnesses can spread from them through contamination by their urine and feces, bites, and the fleas and other parasites that come with them. We can inspect to identify and eliminate entry points, remove hiding places from the property and reduce their access to food and water can help prevent them from getting inside before they are a problem.

Other Pests– Many other pests exist, even if you don’t see your problem here, we can still help! Just call today and find out what our professional pest control services can do for you.




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