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We understand the value of fast and inconspicuous service, which over the years we have come to master. And whether you’re facing an issue with bugs, mice, spiders, and other pests — we got it! Just give us a call and we can start on the mission right away.
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Our Mouse Control Service in Canberra

There are a few telltale signs of mice infestation. This may include scattered droppings on the floor; small, shuffling noises in the attic at night, and nibble marks on wires, food, and other objects. When signs point to mice invading your home or property, the best thing to do is to call for professional help. Neglecting an existing mice problem could make matters worse and jeopardize the safety of the people in your building or household.

Don’t wait for the worst to happen! Call and trust the guys from Pest Control Canberra to put an end to your ratty situation (pun intended). Our solid and loyal list of clients serves as proof of our professionally done and effective services in pest control.
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Professionally-done mouse control translates to a systematic and scientific approach in our books. We believe in this 3-step process, which involves the following:
Inspection - locating the area of infestation
Pest Control - getting rid of the mice
Monitoring - preventing re-infestation by performing follow-up inspection and treatment as necessary
Our team of experts in mice control have the right products and tools to aid in the successful mutilation of pesky mice. Because who wants to share a home with these small-but-terrible foes, anyway? We know you don’t, so we make it our mission that you’ll never have to — ever again!

About Mice

Mice can be a real pain in the neck particularly when they’ve decided to move in and be your newest housemates. They don’t only bring in germs and bacteria that cause diseases, they also destroy important objects in your home by gnawing or chewing on them (hint: some of their popular favorites include wires, fabrics, and boxes). Worse, they invite other pesky pests to live with them too, like fleas. We could go on an entire page as to why nobody wants to live with mice, but the point is, they should be unwelcome where there’s human habitation.

Here at Pest Control Canberra, we make sure that your home is safe for you and your family. Our mice control methods are safe, but nonetheless effective and long-term. We also offer different methods of solving mice problems such as non-fatal habitat modification, exclusion, and trapping, while there are also fatal approaches like poisoning. We respect our customers’ preferences and we always want them to be at ease with our chosen method of intervention. By doing so, we’re able to maintain harmonious and successful long-term relationships with our clients.
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How we Deal with the Mice in your Home

Since the degrees of mice problems vary from case to case, there are also different ways of managing them. It would be impractical and silly to perform full-blast extermination on a small-scale or still-developing mice problem, but there’s an effective way to deal with it. Our mice control approach is systematic, so that damage or necessary chemical exposure in your home is kept to a minimum.

Are mice going to your office as well? No problem! Our mice control experts don’t only specialize in residential operations, they do commercial bookings too. So it shouldn’t matter where the problem is — we can definitely take care of it for you!

The whole point of handing over the responsibility to pros is to have an assurance that only correct and safe techniques are used in the process. When done without the right knowledge and skill, solving a mice problem on your own can turn out to be futile and frustrating.

Here at Pest Control Canberra, we make sure that your worries are allayed with our 3-step process that doesn’t just stop when the first treatment is over — because our utmost goal is for the mice to never come back!
Not sure whether you actually have little company? Not to worry! Our team of mice control experts can have a look for you, and if our inspection points to a negative, we can guarantee your peace of mind by rodent-proofing your home or building to prevent future infestation.

Our specialists here at Pest Control Canberra possess the right certification and skills needed in effectively carrying out various pest control measures — from handling preventive projects to full-on mice extermination jobs, we will handle them with ease!
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Mice Control Tips: Natural Ways To Keep Mice At Bay

While services provided by pros are essential in warding off these furry little foes, there are things you can do to minimize their chances of coming near and getting too comfy in your home. These are the following:

Block all passages. If there are possible entryways for mice to get inside, block them off.

Clean up! Mice are attracted to food scraps, exposed food, and the “scent” of trash. Get rid of these before lights off to keep the enemies away.

Use Peppermint as repellent. Peppermint oil makes a great, organic mice repellent. Pour a generous amount on cotton swabs and place these in or near possible entryways.
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About our Pest Control Service in Canberra

If you’re constantly looking over your shoulder or having sleepless nights due to the woes of mice infestation, it’s high-time to hit us up here at Pest Control Canberra. We’ve had over 50 years of professional and licensed experience, so you can always count on us to take care of your mice problem — no matter how big or small!
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