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mice control perthMice are second only to humanity itself as the most populous mammal in urban areas—and that should not be at all  surprising, as living alongside humans, mice have access to shelter, abundant food and water. However house mice are considered very dangerous pests with the potential to cause a lot of damage to the home they live in and spread various diseases to the humans residing in those houses.

Food that has been contaminated by mice is considered unfit for consumption. Mice are also infamous for large-scale commercial crop destruction. For all of these reasons, infestations have to be handled quickly and properly. If you think you may experiencing an infestation of mice in your home or business, contact us as soon as possible so we can deal with the issue before it results in excessive damage to your home or sickness.

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Signs of a mouse infestation

In general, mice prefer to keep hidden during the day and carry out their various activities at night. However, they leave plenty of evidence behind, such as:

Droppings. Mice leave a surprising amount of droppings: about 50-80 3-8mm long droppings per night. At first glance, they may seem to be scattered randomly, but they usually tens to be long walls, inside cupboards or under sinks. Mouse droppings are considered to be one of the reasons for childhood asthma.

mice pest control perthGreasy marks. Because mice do not see all that well, they ten to stick to the same routes every time they come out of their holes. Their greasy fur then leaves dark smears on the walls or on corners that tend to have an unpleasant, oily odor.

Nests. Like all rodents, mice shred different materials, such as paper and fabric to make nests for their young. These nests are usually hidden away in places like lofts or behind refrigerators.

Scratching or gnawing noises. Any otherwise unexplained noises, especially ones coming from inside the walls, the attic or the basement, are indicative of mice, who tend to chew on everything they can find.

Damaged cables or wires. Mice will chew through a lot of things, so finding wires or cables that look like they’ve been nibbled on is a telltale sign that you have rodents living in your home.

Seeing a mouse during the day can also be a sign of heavy infestation, as mice usually only come out in the dark.

Dealing with a mouse infestation

As dangerous as it is to have mice living in your home, mouse infestations can be resolved very efficiently by qualified experts. If you have pest control perth ratsobserved any of the signs of a mouse infestation listed above, contact us as soon as you can so we can take care of the situation before it gets entirely out of control. We will then send one of our experienced, qualified experts to your home or business to conduct a mice inspection.

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pest control perth logoIf the infestation is in fact very advanced, it will probably be necessary to utilize chemical treatment. All of our chemical treatments are safe for adults, children and pets. Once the job is done, our expert will also give you a list of recommendations concerning hygiene, cleaning routines, things to be fixed/sealed/closed etc. to keep them from returning. Contact us with your mouse infestation and put the whole ordeal behind you as soon as possible!

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