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How to Prevent Rats

pest control perth logoNobody wants to find out they have rats living in their home or business, for just about every reason one could imagine. It’s unsanitary, disgusting, and all around a bit scary—they are, after all, wild animals, however small, living right alongside you, crawling on and over and through your things. If you have children, those concerns are only magnified, as they are also in the case of an infestation of the place where you conduct business. Few things would likely send potential clients or customers off running quite as fast as seeing a rat at your company, not to mention the effect something like that would likely have on your reputation. That said, luckily, avoiding a rat infestation is generally not that rat control perthdifficult, even if there are, in general, rats in your area.

Ways to Prevent Rat Infestation:

  1. Keep it Clean – Keeping your property clear of debris is vital.
  2. Secure your Waste – Make sure garbage and food waste is properly secured.
  3. Secure your Home – Proper maintenance can prevent Rat infestation
  4. Keep Pet Food Stowed – Rats are drawn to all food sources, even your pets.

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Keep it Clean

Keep your garage and home free of piles of debris, trash or any other seldom-used things that could serve ideal homes for rats, who love the kind of clutter that serves as a great hiding place for them.   If you have a compost heap in your garden that contains organic waste, you should get rid of it or ensure it’s in a sealed container, as it will also attract rats’ attention.

Secure your Waste

Make sure the lids of your outdoor garbage cans are able to be securely shut at all times to prevent the smells of food leftovers, etc., from attracting hungry rats who will not only climb right in and rip apart your garbage bags to get what they want, but will also consistently come back for more in the future. Rats are intelligent creatures, and learn quickly, especially when it comes to things as rewarding as a steady food supply.

Keep Pet Food Stowed

rat control perthIf you have a dog, cat, or any other household pet, make sure whatever remains when they finish eating is not just left laying around, as it will attract rats just as the aforementioned garbage does. Rats are quite cunning will not hesitate to steal food from a pet’s dish. Another thing to take into consideration here is the bacteria a rat will leave behind that could possibly hurt your pet the next time it eats from the same dish rats have been all over a little earlier.

Secure Your Home

Keep all foodstuffs safely in tightly-sealed containers, both in the home and outdoors. Fit strips to the bottoms of doors, fill any gaps, cracks or small openings in your walls with caulking or concrete to prevent them being used as a ladder of sorts, repair any roof damage and beware of any rats pest control perthcables or branches hanging over your house. And on a slightly more disgusting note, take care to keep toilets closed and grates or screens covering drains, as rats have been know to swim up damaged sewer pipes.

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Lastly, you should never forget about proofing your home. Rats are very flexible, agile, and great climbers, so do not make the mistake of thinking they will not make it into your home just because there is an opening a few feet off the ground—when motivated by the prospect of having a warm, comfy home chock full of food, they are capable of some pretty incredible feats to gain entrance.

All in all, avoiding a rat infestation is not difficult; however, it does require a bit of thought and imagination, and a whole lot of tidiness.




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