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How to Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are annoying to get rid of once an infestation in in your home. There are three easy steps to help get rid of and prevent bug bugs from infesting your home.

  1. The pre-treatment process
  2. The treatment process
  3. The prevention process

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The Pre-treatment Process

bed bugs control perthTo begin the treatment process of how to kill bed bugs there is a pre-treatment process to go through.

  • Clear all items around  infested areas
  • Bag all items with nuvan strips for a few days
  • Inspect in and under all pieces of furniture which are all possible hiding places for bed bugs
  • Block all holes into the infested area/room with caulk such as around outlets and where any other wires come into the infested room
  • Vacuum all areas in the infested room with a vacuum attachment to help kill the bed bugs
  • Thoroughly scrub all hard surfaces with a wire brush to dislodge eggs that were laid
  • Shine a flashlight to help expose the bed bugs
  • You can use a mattress encasement to prevent having to treat your mattresses in the infested areas

The Treatment Process

eliminating bed bugs in perthThe next step in treatment of how to kill bed bugs is the inspection progress. To begin this step it is essential to know some background about bed bugs, what they look like and their typical behaviors. Most bed bugs are visible to the naked eye but can be hard to spot. Their most common hiding places are dark crevices. One way to get the bed bugs out is to flush them out by spraying aerosols into their hiding places. The bed bugs often leave behind dark patches of fecal matter. Make sure to check all cracks, crevices and holes leading into the infested room and adjoining rooms to make sure all bed bugs are killed.

There are specific aerosols and insecticides used to treat an infected area. How to kills bed bugs in the infested areas is to spray everything in the infested areas like the baseboards of the room, inside the closet, all dressers, the base of the bed etc. A bed bugs main host are humans. When a bed bug bites it sucks blood from its host but are painless. A bed bug bite appears as a small, swollen, hard white welt and can be irritable from the saliva of the bed bug.

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The Prevention Process

pest control perth logoThe best way to deal with bed bugs is by preventing infestations in the first place. It is important to thoroughly check all furniture especially used furniture before bringing them into your home. Also it is best to not bring discarded bed springs, mattresses and other pieces of furniture into your home without proper inspection. By doing this you end up not needing to know how to kill bed bugs at all since there aren’t any to kill.

The steps mentioned above are good steps to follow, they may not work 100% but they are the best methods for how to kill bed bugs. The best way to prevent bed bugs all together is just to inspect all pieces of used furniture brought into your home and inspect your furniture and all pieces of furniture every couple months to a couple times a year. Bed bugs can hide in various places throughout your home, most common places are cracks and crevices. However; bed bugs can frequent where other critters such as bats, swallows and the like have been roosting.


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