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Home Remedies For Bed Bug Bites

There’s a common bedtime saying told to children that goes “don’t let the bedbugs bite”. This is a saying that most of us shrug off as we get older, however, bed bugs can be a real and pesky problem if you get a infestation in your home. Since most people don’t consider these bites to be a real bed bug pest control perthproblem it can be difficult to get the information you need about them. In response to that there are a few things to know about bed bug bites that are important:

  1. What do bed bug bites look and feel like?
  2. What are the symptoms of bed bug bites?
  3. Treatment solutions for the bed bug bites

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What do bed bug bites look and feel like?

When a bed bug bites it injects the skin with a anesthetic and doesn’t hurt. Bed bug bites are typically a red swollen area with a dark red center, either in a little line or a cluster similar looking to hives. The bites are located on the body commonly on skin that is exposed while sleeping commonly on the face, arms, neck and hands. Most bed bug bites are in a straight line to signify how many times they feed for their meals.

What are the symptoms of bed bug bites?

eliminating bed bugs in perthThe symptoms can include red swelling where the bites occurred, however it can be difficult to make the connection between being bitten by a bed bug and the red mark that appears. This is because when bitten bed bug bites don’t always appear right away. Sometimes bites can take a while, even several days to appear. The bites are very itchy and while may be tempting to relieve that itch by scratching them, scratching them may cause secondary infections or bleeding.  Bed bug bites can commonly be mistakenly identified as other pest bites such as mosquito bites or flea bites due to the fact that these bites tend to be more common place and can also cause the same itchy feeling.

Treatment solutions for bed bug bites

Bed bug bites are mostly annoying rather than dangerous as long as you don’t scratch them and risk infection. An anti-itch cream is recommended to reduce or eliminate the urge to scratch the bites. Taking an antihistamine helps reduce possible burning and itching caused by possible allergic responses as well. For those that are bitten that have an infection from the bites may require antibiotics to get rid of the infection.

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pest control perth logoWhile bed bug bites aren’t very dangerous except to those with an allergy to bed bugs, the bites can be annoying to deal with. Bed bug bites are little red bumps that appear on the skin sometimes days after being bitten. The bites are very itchy but can be hurtful if they are scratched too much as well as risking infection. Getting bitten by bed bugs in the first place means you most likely have an infestation in your home which needs to be taken care of. There really isn’t a whole lot to be done in ways of treatment of bed bug bites. You can relieve the itchiness and swelling by using anti-itch cream and taking antihistamines.

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