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Getting Rid of Mice

When you have an infestation and are looking at trying to get rid of mice, there a few things you should know first. Mice do not have a very broad area where they roam, so that means they generally only nest and are active somewhere close to whatever food source they may have found on mice control perthyour property. These facts can help you find the source of the mouse activity, so that you can locate them, and look at getting rid of mice in your building. Here are some very effective and proven ways of getting rid of mice.

  • Spray Repellent
  • Electronic Repellent
  • Traps
  • Natural Remedy
  • Poison

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Spray Repellent

Sprays are a less talked about way of getting rid of mice because they seem to rarely, if ever actually work. You will see them advertised everywhere, except there are no certified government requirements on the sprays. So you can’t be entirely sure what you are getting. If you are looking at this option it is a good idea to know what is in the spray, and where your spray is coming from.

Electronic Repellent

eliminating rats pest control perthElectronic Repellent is an interesting and relatively new way to make an attempt at getting rid of mice. They work by emitting very high frequency sounds  that irritate and confuse the mice, driving them away from any food source they may have found inside your home or business. There are many mixed reviews about these products. Some claim that it doesn’t work at all, and it is only a mild annoyance to the mice you are attempting to rid yourself from, while others acclaim it as the most effective, up to date, and humane way of removing mice from your home or building. When looking into this option of getting rid of mice, be sure you look at the reviews of that specific one on the market that you may have your eye on, and if it does not work, return it and attempt a different method.


mice pest control perthThere are two different kinds of traps that you can use. There are kill traps which are your typical bait and spring released bar. They are less effective in that they have been in use so long that mice have found ways around the trap part, but they are a more cost effective solution to getting rid of mice, and you can find these typically in any town or city you may live. Then there are no-kill traps such as glue traps, and capture traps. Glue traps are pieces of cardboard or plastic with a heavy adhesive to it that captures the mouse by sticking it in place, and capture traps are what they sound like. They are devices that capture the mouse in some sort of enclosure. These no-kill traps are considered very humane, but once it is captured, you have to decide what to do with the mice once you catch them, and how to dispose of them.

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Natural Remedy

One of the more tried and true natural remedies for getting rid of mice is by using peppermint oil. It is a natural oil that has an odor pleasing to most of us humans, however on that mice absolutely loathe. The peppermint affects the sense of smell the mice have, and inhibits their ability to find their food source and survive effectively. The one problem with this natural remedy is that eventually the oil fades away, or the mice figure out where it is put and find ways around the area where it was applied.


Using poisons for getting rid of mice can be very effective, but also very dangerous. If you have children or any pets around your home or business, this may not be a viable option for getting rid of mice. The poisons you would use can and will effect anyone or anything that consumes it.

pest control perth ratsThere are many different and equally effective ways of getting rid of mice. The best way for you to choose the right method for the kind of infestation problem you have is going to be either through trial and error, or through contacting a professional and talking to them about the details of your infestation problem.



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