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Flea Control Perth

Fleas may be difficult in starting to detect as their tiny size makes them incredibly tough to recognize. Most people don’t understand that while they’re tiny in size, the problem they can create is enormous.
When you imagine your house may be flea infestation, it’s time to get the specialists at Best Pest Control Perth on the call.
If you see pets scratching extremely or can see bites signs on your body, call our helpful, highly proficient, equipped, accredited flea control Perth experts for flea treatment service at an affordable cost.

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Types of Flea

There are several species of fleas. Below we are describing some of the most problematic fleas.
Cat fleas
The cat fleas are 3mm long wingless fleas that love to host that is in resting position. A single cat flea can lay 2000 eggs. They are flattened from the side and have long legs. The long leg helps them hopping from one host to another. The scientific name of cat fleas is Ctenocephalides felis. They are usually red-brown in color. You will notice that the abdomens of female cat fleas are swallowed due to the presence of eggs. The cat fleas cause irritation to both dogs and cats.

Dog fleas
The dog fleas love to make dogs and cats as their hosts. And they bite humans occasionally. The adult dog fleas are black in appearance. They easily move from host to host due to the flattened body design. Dog fleas complete a life cycle of four-stage: eggs, larvae, pupae, adults. The dog fleas easily jump15.25cm distance. They have the capability to disturb the garden and lawns. The size of these fleas lies between 1 to 4 mm. The scientific name of dog fleas is Ctenocephalides canis.

Bird fleas
the color of adult bird fleas is brown. They are 0.79mm - 7.9mm long. The eyes and antennae of bird fleas are apparent. These fleas can grow enormously in hen houses, breeders, and similar type of environment. The scientific term of bird fleas is Ceratophyllus gallinae. These fleas suck the blood of birds. Thy only give their egg in the nest of the birds and feed on organic materials.

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What are the Signs of a Flea Infestation?

The identification of flea infestation is simple. You can check out the below symptoms to identify the sign of flea infestation.

Check your pets
You should inspect the behaviour of your pets. You should examine the fur of your pets if you see that your pet is scratching excessively. If your pets are infested then they have reddened skin and may lose hair.

Itching problem with humans
The fleas from your pets by hopping get into the body of the humans. And you may experience excessive itching and scratch due to the presence of fleas.

Look after waste product of fleas
The dirt of fleas looks like minute coffee grounds. You can look at the little black or brown dots on sheets, linens, and other surfaces. These are an indication that fleas are living along with you.

Risk of a Flea Infestation

  • Some people experience allergies with the bite of fleas.
  • By flea bite, you will have a swollen face, mouth, and hand.
  • The presence of flea is the vectors of the bubonic plague.
  • Fleas serve as a transitional host for tapeworm.

Your pets feel more problems with the presence of fleas. You should remove the fleas as soon as possible. You can take the help of professionals of Best Pest Control Perth to make your pets happy. 

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