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Dangers of Cockroaches

Nobody wants to see cockroaches on their property, be it in their home or in their business?ome insects, like ladybugs, are widely considered cute, bu the site of cockroaches in particular tends to make most people a bit nauseous, with their slick-looking brown bodies and hairy legs. But dangers of cockroaches - pest control perththere are many, many more reasons to get rid of cockroaches immediately after you’ve discovered them aside from their appearance.

Cockroaches pose legitimate, serious dangers to people’s health in may different ways, and are in fact a true health hazard to people coming into contact with them, their eggs and their droppings on a regular basis. The following are just a few of the health problems related to cockroaches:

  • Asthma
  • E. coli and salmonella
  • Dysentry, typhoid, and polio

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cockroach pest control perthAll in all, cockroaches pose so many serious threats to human health because they are simply very, very dirty. They crawl into and over everything, ingesting pretty much anything they find. Later, they can defecate or vomit whatever bacteria-ridden substances they’d ingest onto food that is later consumed by unsuspecting people, thus introducing whatever pathogens happened to be in it into the human body.

Another thing to remember is that bacteria ingested by a cockroach can continue to be alive for a long time, months even, before it exits their bodies, so what made someone sick could easily be a more exotic disease the bodies of Americans or Europeans are nor prepared to deal with.

Cockroaches can cause acute asthma attacks.

A series of allergy tests conducted over 50 years ago by the NCICAS found that asthmatic children exposed to cockroach allergen had a high rate of severe symptoms such as wheezing that caused sleepless nights, missed school days and even hospitalizations. Furthermore, it was discovered that up to 60% of urban residents with asthma are sensitive to the cockroach allergen.

E. coli and salmonella cause gastroenteritis.

Both of these bacteria are easily transported from place to place on the bodies of cockroaches that then spread it to humans by touching their food. Common symptoms of gastroenteritis are severe stomach cramps, and diarrhea and vomiting, both of which  can be bloody. In rare cases, the bacteria spreads to the blood stream and causes further infections.

The bacteria cockroaches carry can cause terminal illness or permanent disability.

cockroach pest control perthA cockroach’s body is full of nooks and crannies perfect to transport diseases in, and all sorts of passengers can hitch a ride on it. Research has indicated that over 30 species of bacteria can be found on a single cockroach, including those causing diseases such as cholera, dysentry, pneumonia and polio. It is suspected that cockroaches played a large role in the hepatitis A outbreak in Los Angeles in the 1950s. Similarly, typhoid patients hospitalized in Italy in the 1940s were found to have cockroaches living in their homes as well. Most recently, a cockroach infestation was tied to an outbreak of pneumonia in  Ethiopian ans South African hospitals.

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As you can no doubt see by now, cockroaches’ appearance is really the least of our concerns. They have the potential to cause copious amounts of suffering and should be exterminated as soon as they are discovered so as to avoid the consequences coming into direct contact with them carries.

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