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Considering a Rat Inspection?

Rats are a common pest among residential and urban areas, working their way into walls, garages and even food supply. It may seem like a small nuisance, but rats can become a serious problem, making a rat inspection an essential step in combating the rodents. Rats are not an isolated problem and will spread from building to building or home to home with little respect for boundaries or property lines as they have done mice control perththroughout the centuries.

The human relation with rats has always been tenuous, more often resulting in harm and human health issues than in any benefit, despite the love some pet owners show for their furry companions. The dangers of rats include:

  • Property damage
  • Food contamination
  • Disease spreading

A quick rat inspection will help ensure you’re not affected by these dangers.

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Property Damage

rat control perthDespite their somewhat diminutive stature, rats can cause significant property damage to homes and appliances. The rodents are credited with one of the strongest bites in the animal kingdom and will chew on almost anything they can sink their teeth in to. Food containers, wires and cabling, wooden beams and walls, none of these are safe. Some of this may seem like small damage, but a rat nibbling on wires can cut electricity to the entire house or building, and damage to beams can weaken the structural integrity of the home. A rat inspection will detect any signs of damage or rodent activity and can be essential in halting any further damage

Food Contamination

rat control perthA more unsettling problem with rats is the food contamination they are almost sure to bring. One of the main targets of rats chewing habits are food containers such as boxes, whether plastic or cardboard, and plastic bags or burlap bags containing grain. Rats possess a prodigious sense of smell and will sense the food in the container and quickly chew through the material to get at it. Then the rats will leave behind their feces and urine in the food supply. During a rat inspection, it is safe to assume that any container with chew marks is contaminated in this way. Food poisoning and E-coli can result from food contamination by rat droppings.

Disease Spreading

Since the days of the black plague and even earlier, rats have been associated with disease and sickness. Thanks to modern sanitation the effects of rodents have been lessened to a great degree, but it still a concern and consideration, especially for homes or restaurants, which . Besides the toxic nature of the rat feces and urine which may be spread around the house or left in food supplies, the rat flea has been a major agent in the spread of Plague or Murine typhus. Rat-bite fever is another disease concern, caused through the spread of bacteria found in rat saliva or urine, which are found in contaminated food and then transferred to humans.

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A rat inspection is not difficult and will not take up very much time. A few quick signs to watch out for:

  • ratSounds of rodent activity: scratching, squeaks, etc.
  • Rat feces
  • Damaged containers
  • Signs of gnawing
  • Marks left by their greasy fur

A rat inspection is sure to save trouble in the long run, and will ensure the safety of your home and your health.

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