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Cockroach Control & Prevention Services

Cockroaches are problematic for so many different reasons, and they are one of the most high-risk pests you could have in your home. Aside from how utterly disgusting they look, they can cause severe allergic reactions and serious illnesses in both humans and animals because of all of the cockroach pest control perthbacteria they carry, not to mention they create an extremely unpleasant odor wherever they go that taints whatever they come into contact with and sticks.

As if that wasn’t enough, they multiply rapidly in good conditions, so your “one or two” could turn into tens in no time at all if the the issue is not dealt with automatically. Anyone who has experienced the horror of a full-on cockroach infestation would definitely agree that there is no underestimating these particularly resilient insects. In fact, a popular joke tells us that in the event of a nuclear war, the cockroaches would be the only creatures to survive…along with Keith Richards.

Problems cockroaches can cause

Cockroaches’ bodies are rather jagged an uneven, with all sorts of nooks and crannies all over the place that are also perfect places for all kinds of bacteria to stow away for an indefinite amount of time before ending up in your home. In fact, experiments conducted on cockroaches have indicated that they are capable of carrying up to 35 different kinds of bacteria on their bodies at one time. This means that the cockroaches cockroach control perthinfesting your home may be carriers of various exotic types of bacteria they’ve brought from countries far away, and that the you and your family’s immune systems are not equipped to deal with properly.

Cockroaches have been found responsible for transmitting a plethora of diseases such as salmonella, dysentery, gastroenteritis and typhoid, and even polio. The risk is particularly high for children, the elderly or those fighting illnesses to begin with. Cockroach droppings are also known to also cause eczema and childhood asthma attacks that may end up plaguing a person for the rest of his or her life.

Our Cockroach Control & Prevention Services

cockroach pest control perthA cockroach infestation is not something to be taken lightly, or something that will just disappear if you ignore it. Therefore, if you’ve seen any sings that there may be cockroaches invading your home, it is time to take action. Some of the signs that you have cockroaches living on your property are egg cases and cast skins, droppings (cockroaches leave a dust of black droppings less than 1mm wide), an obnoxious odor (cockroach infestations produce an unpleasant, musty smell) as well as damage (cockroaches will nibble on organic goods including leather and books).

When you contact us, we will arrange for our qualified exterminator to pay a visit to your property and check the premises for all of the telltale sings. If he or she confirms that you are in fact pest control perth logoexperiencing a cockroach infestation, treatment by a qualified pest control technician will likely be necessary to deal with cockroaches in the long-term. Our technicians have a range of powerful insecticides to choose from in order to to deal with cockroaches as well as prevent them from ever returning. We also minimize the risk of insecticides in the home by targeting the specific areas and crevices where cockroaches hide.

If you think you’re experiencing a cockroach infestation, there is nothing to wait for—things will not get any better until they’ve been dealt with professionally! Contact us and get the unpleasant work done as soon as possible.

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