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Our Bees Removal & Wasp Services

Dealing with a bee and wasp problem on your own is generally safe and manageable, unless the nest has already grown bigger than a baseball. Bees and wasps can be aggressive when provoked, which poses danger on anyone who pest control perth logoattempts to destroy their habitat. Our bee and wasp control team is clad in high-quality protective gear during the entire process to ensure safety. Also, we employ the most effective methods so that all nooks and crannies are treated clear of bees and wasps.

We’ve helped thousands of customers over the years with our ‘do it right the first time’ ethos. From pest problems such as cockroach control for infestations to rodent elimination. We are on hand, to move quickly and discreetly to get rid of your pests. Our Bee removal Perth Service includes:

  • Bee Inspection: finding the bees & wasps
  • Bee Control: eliminating the wasps & bees

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In general, wasps and bees are not particularly dangerous unless a person has very bad allergies.However, a bee or wasp infestation in the shape of a nest on your property means hundreds, if not thousands, of the winged insects buzzing around, ready to attack in a hoard should they feel threatened at any time.

After the removal, we offer further advice to help prevent the problem from repeating itself in the future. For peace of mind, we can return to remove the what remains of the nest from your property, but only after a minimum of 48 hours have passed to allow complete treatment of the whole wasp colony.


About Bees & Wasps in Perth

In small amounts, bees and wasps may not be too much of a concern. If you notice their numbers are increasing, however, it’s time to deal with the situation before it becomes serious enough to endanger you or your family.

Perth Bee RemovalIt’s also very easy to provoke an attack—just bumping into the nest by accident can cause them to emerge to defend their territory by inflicting tens of painful stings all over your body. Not to mention how hard it can be to escape from a hoard of angry bees or wasps determined on teaching you a valuable lesson.

For this reason, it is very important to deal with the problem of a bee or wasp infestation as soon as you realise become aware of it. However, it is not advisable for people without the necessary knowledge, skill or equipment to attempt this on their own—as mentioned before, this is likely to provoke an attack. And that’s why you should leave It to the experts. Pest extermination is our specialty, and we guarantee we will rid you of your bee infestation problem quickly and safely.


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Signs of a Bee or Wasp Infestation

Nests are built from chewed wood pulp and saliva, giving them the distinctive papery walls they are known for the world over. Nests are usually Perth Bee Removalbuilt in sheltered spots that also have easy access to the outside like wall cavities, roof spaces, inside bird boxes, and both sheds or garages are popular choices.

The nests tend to grow rapidly during the summer, as the the insects multiply the fastest during the warmer months, and it is always best to treat a nest earlier in the year before numbers increase and the insects become more aggressive. If you are not exactly sure where all of the insects are coming from, watch their flight path carefully to find out where they’ve built their nest.


About our Pest Control Service in Perth

best pest control perth westateIf pesky little critters are bugging the peace and quiet out of your home, it’s time to pick up the phone and call up Best Pest Control Perth. Our accommodating team of knowledgeable and professionally-trained specialists will be quick on their feet to attend to your issue. Whether you’re just in our block or in the most remote corners of the city, we will be there. Our team is being managed by Westate, so what can you say? 50 years of experience in the industry is definitely no joke! We are trained and equipped to handle all sorts of pest control jobs from spider control to eliminating and eradicating rodents.


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