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Bedbug Inspection

eliminating bed bugs in perthBedbugs can make their way into your home several different ways. Contrary to popular belief, bedbugs are not only found in cheap, dirty motels or the homes of people who don’t clean very often. Because they live off of blood, bedbugs can be found practically anywhere, like that adorable seaside bed and breakfast you spent your last holiday. When you leave, they simply hop in your suitcase and travel home with you, where they then move right into your bedroom.

Bedbugs are pretty tiny as pests so you may not notice them at first, but in the warm comfort of your bed, pest control perth bedbugsthey will multiply rapidly and before you know it, you’re waking up every morning with tiny itchy bites scattered over your body. If you suspect you may be experiencing a bedbug infestation, contact us to have one of our qualified experts assess the situation and suggest a plan of action to remove the insects from your bed and your life once and for all.

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The signs of bedbugs and the problems they can cause

bed bug pest control perthAs mentioned before, bedbugs and their bites are really quite small, so you may not pay to much attention the first few times you find one or two little itchy bites on your skin, or a drop or two of dried blood on your bedding when you get up. Unlike many other pests, bedbugs are not particularly dangerous, as they do not actually spread diseases.

However, every female will lay up to 12 eggs every time she feeds, so their numbers can increase rather rapidly. You and your family might then find yourselves unable to sleep from the itching, and excessive scratching of bedbug bites can also lead to secondary skin infections. If you notice any of these signs occurring repeatedly over a number of days, it is definitely time for you to contact an experienced exterminator to get rid of the insects before they overrun your home:

  • The bedbugs’ exoskeletons that are left behind after molting
  • Small rust-colored stains on your bedding that can be either tiny drops of your own blood or bedbug excrement
  • A sweet but musty smell in your bedroom, especially near the headboard of your bed, as bedbugs tend to live in tiny cracks like the ones often found in wood
  • Itchy little bites in various places on your body, especially in groups of two of three near each other

Our Bed Bug Inspection and course of action

When you contact us about your bedbug problem, the first thing we will do is send over one of our experts to conduct a bedbug inspection. In the past, pesticides such as DDT and various organophosphates were used to fight bedbug infestations. However, over the years bedbugs became resistant to many of them. Luckily for people with a chemical sensitivity problem, bedbugs can also be permanently eliminated without the use of chemicals by using a heat treatment—a safe solution that can be applied to all of the afflicted areas of your home, including your bedding and mattress.

pest control perth logoUsing a very high temperature, this treatment is capable if killing bedbugs in all of their stages of development, and penetrates all of the substances it is applied to deeper than chemicals can. What’s more, all of these things can be used again immediately afterwards, with no risk of unpleasant allergic reactions or anything of the sort. After he or she is finished, our specialist may also give you a list of recommendations for the future—safety precautions to avoid this happening again.

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The sooner you get rid of the bedbugs infesting your home, the sooner you can get a good night’s sleep—contact us today for a bedbug inspection and an assessment of your problem!



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