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If you have an infestation, you need someone who is trained and knowledgeable in the area of bed bug control. You’ll find no one better than Westate Pest Control Perth to do thorough bed bug inspections and extermination.

Our Treatment Service includes:

  • Locate the affected area
  • Get rid of the insects from your bed and anywhere else
  • Stop them from coming back

Our local experts are ready to respond fast when customers need any sort of control from homes to hotels to hostels.  Our friendly team can manage work in every suburb around the area and we’ve helped thousands of customers over the years with our ‘do it right the first time’ attitude for all pests & vermin. We are experts in all types of bugs and pests from white ant treatment to cockroach eradication.


About the Insect

They are parasites that preferentially feed on humans. They do not fly or hop, but are fast-moving insects that are nocturnal blood-feeders, filling themselves while their host is asleep. The bite itself is painless. The saliva injected by bed bugs typically causes the skin to become irritated and inflamed, although  people differ in their sensitivity.


Life cycle

Females lay from one to twelve eggs per day, which hatch in 6 to 17 days, and babies can immediately begin to feed, requiring a blood meal in order to molt. They reach maturity after five molts. Developmental time is affected by temperature and can take anywhere between 21 days to 120 days.

Nymphs may become engorged with blood within 3 minutes, while adults usually feed for 10-15 minutes. The adult’s lifespan may encompass 12-18 months, with at least three or more generations occurring each year. If no host is available, the insects can actually live for several months without food.



They hide during the day in dark, protected sites. Despite their name, they’re not attracted to the bed itself, but rather the warm-blooded person that lays in it quietly for hours at a time. The insects can be anywhere a host is nearby. They usually inhabit seams, and folds of mattresses, later spreading to crevices in the bed stand.

In heavier infestations, they may occupy hiding places farther away from the bed, hiding in window and door frames, floor cracks, behind pictures,  cracks in plaster, and ceiling molding. They can rapidly spread through a multiple family residence building, or hotel as about 3% of the infestations are usually found moving away from the host.


Signs of Infestation

Because the creatures are so good at hiding, you may not see them. However, infestations can be recognized by blood stains from crushed bugs or by rusty (sometimes dark) spots of excrement on sheets and mattresses, walls, and furniture. Fecal spots, egg cases and shed skin may be found around their hiding places. Using a flashlight will help visually detect them in hidden cracks and crevices.



The mobile nature of bed bugs limits their prevention. Avoiding them is especially difficult in hotels,  and apartments because occupants and their belongings are constantly changing, which creates many opportunities for the critters to be brought home. Everyone should always be cautious when acquiring secondhand beds, bedding, and furniture.

At a minimum, furniture should be carefully inspected before bringing it into the home.  While traveling, it’s important to examine the bed and headboard area for signs of the bugs and keep luggage off of the floor. If your room does have them, notify the hotel management immediately and move into another room. Make sure the room is not immediately adjacent to (including above or below) the infested room you are departing.


What we can do for you

The key to bed bug control is enlisting the services of an exterminator as it’s extremely difficult for those inexperienced in pest control to successfully find and treat the problem.

Elimination of the infestation requires the services of control professionals who understand the habits and biology of the bed bug, and can find and treat everywhere where bugs and eggs may be present, like the ones you’ll find working for Westate Pest Control Perth.There are many options we offer oif you have an invasion.

  • Heat:  We do bed bug control with heat.  Bed bugs can’t stand heat once it rises above 120 F. Our trained professionals will bring industrial-powered heaters that will raise temperatures room by room to kill the insects and their eggs.
  • Steam: Another option is directing steam on or into wherever they and their eggs may be lurking. Our professionals will take great pains to make sure every surface, cranny, crack and crevice is treated.
  • Conventional treatments: Sometimes, the control can be achieved using specially selected materials that will leave a residual, or longer lasting effect. These products may come in the form of applied liquids or dust, and will be carefully employed with you and your family’s safety and well-being kept in mind.

About our Service in Perth

Do you suspect a bed bug infestation? Our friendly team who are managed by Westate have many years of experience servicing the area. No challenge is too big or too small from rat control and elimination to termite inspection and treatments.


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