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Do you have ant infestation and want professional controller to exterminate unwanted ants in Perth? If you have a ant problems, you need qualified and experienced removal team. Best Pest Control Perth here to provide you cost-effective Ant control Perth service.

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What are Ants?

Ants are common insects that prefer to live in a colony. Members of ants colony are queen, worker ants, & soldiers ants; each allocated a distinct job. These small insects can move through the tightest of entrances and holes between walls and therefore, very hard to track. The prime and foremost task you must check before resorting to any ant treatment methods is the kind of ant infestation. Both black and red ants are widespread in Australia. Both these varieties have extreme eating habits and lifestyle, while the black ants are considerably docile and live off sweet fruits; the red ones are much attacking and live on food. You are likely to notice red ants in the gardens or the bathroom dining off tiny cockroaches, dead mites, and other insects.
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Type of Ants?

Ants are observed almost everywhere in the world, they can survive in the much humid and desert zones and grow in the hottest or coldest of weathers. Kinds of ants - Ghost ants, Argentine ants, Sugar ants, Black house ants, Green ants, Bull ants, Fire ants, Carpenter ants, Pavement ant, Coastal brown ants are some of the most popular kinds of ants seen in Australia.
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Sign of Ants Infestation

If you see lots of ants marching around the kitchen and other areas of your property is a common sign of ants infestation.

If you recognize ant trail going inside your home, this can be a symptom of ants infestation in your property, Because ants leave tracks of pheromones that will attract other ants.

If you see Mud trails, sand structures near to your residence, this may be a hint that an ant colony breathes there.

Ant Prevention Tips

Read below for some ant infestation preventive tips :
Clean up the table after the meal because some times, food left on the table that attracts ants. 

Clean out containers or jars before putting them into the recycling box.

Seal holes around entrances and windows, and keep drains and down-pipes cleaned.

Store your food in a tight container.
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Professional Ant Treatment in Perth

If you find an ant nest, this means that you have an ant infestation. You must examine the issue as soon as possible to avoid damage to your property.
Book Best Ant Control Perth team for professional and affordable ant treatment services across Perth. We use eco-friendly and safe solutions to treat ant infestation. Our experts removal all ant infestation from your premises with the use of most advanced techniques. We use dust or spray pesticides around the entire home and set baits around cooking sections. Don't wait to call our exterminator to get rid of unwanted ants.

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