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Pest Control Perth is only a phone call away. Our friendly team can manage work in every corner of Perth and surrounding suburbs.  We have highly skilled, qualified, licensed and trained pest control professionals that know Perth like the back of their hand. Pest Control Perth is managed by Westate who have over 50 years experience in Pest Control. No challenge is too big or too small.

pest control Perth westateAnd since 2008 Westate Pest Control Perth has proudly retained Pest Control accreditation by Trades Monitor, Australia’s leading contractor accreditation organisation. Westate Pest Control continues to renew this accreditation each year and is delighted to serve you throughout Perth.

Our major client groups include: property buyers and sellers, residential and commercial property managers, strata managers, strata companies, landlords with multiple properties, residential investors, government and real estate sales representatives.

Simply call Pest Control Perth for an estimate by calling (08) 6311 4056.


Pest Control Perth

pest control PerthTermites can cause significant damage to your homes infrastructure. If termite colonies are left to grow unabated, the colony can eat through vital points of your home’s support structure and damage the foundation. Some properties are more conducive to termite populations and need to be inspected more often than others.

Termite Treatment Perth

Existing customers can enjoy a 6 month to 1 year free spot termite treatment. This means our Pest Control Perth experts will spray previously treated spots at no additional cost to you if a termite infestation occurs again. The team at Pest Control Perth will use a variety of methods for initial termite treatment and will employ various preventative measures to keep the problem from occurring again.

Termite Control

Termites, also referred to as ‘white ants’, are attracted to any and all forms of lumber. Prior to receiving a termite treatment for your home, consider removing any excess lumber or construction materials from in and around the home. Limiting the termites access to easy food will help deter them from entering your property. Termites are also drawn to sources of water, so check for any potential plumbing leaks or standing water in, around or under the home that could be giving sustenance to the termite colony.

Termite Inspection Perth

For new homes during construction Pest Control Perth may use both physical and chemical barriers to help ensure termites stay away after your home has been built. Physical barriers your builder uses to protect against termites come in the form of concrete, metal or other non-edible building materials that can be fitted into your home’s foundation, support structure and interior walls. Pest Control Perth will be able to easily install physical barriers like chemical-impregnated plastic sheeting to discourage termites from accessing key points in your home. Chemical barriers, too, may be used by professionals like Westate Pest Control after your home has been built. By treating the soil surrounding your home, it’s possible to create a repellant kind of moat that will cause termites to turn around and go somewhere else.  Available Now – Termite Inspection Perth

More information about Termites

Termite Treatment

pest control perth termiteIf you’re buying or selling a home, you need a termite inspection. We can help, call now.

Pest Control Perth

pest control perth cockroachWe have pest control vans all over the Perth metropolitan area. Call us anytime.


pest control perth ratsWe specialise in pest control for cafes, kitchens, restaurants, retail, office and commercial properties.

Bed Bugs

pest control perth bedbugsSay goodnight to bedbugs. No matter where you are in Perth – you will sleep well tonight.

Bees & Wasps

Pest Control Perth BeesWhether it’s bees, wasps, flies, midgies or any annoying flying thing. We can stop them fast.

Nasty Crawlies

Pest Control Perth SpidersWhether it’s spiders, cockroaches, earwigs, ants or anything scary, creepy or crawly, we’ll save you.


Kid Safe, Pet Safe

safe pest control perthAs licenced professionals with over 50 years experience, Pest Control Perth know how to protect the things you love and remove the things you don’t. cats pest control
There are many options for pest control – from eco friendly and toxic free treatments, to electronic and ultrasonic. If you have any concerns about the well being and safety of kids or pets, just ask. We’ll be happy to explain what we do and design a plan that’s right for you.

Interior Pest Protection

When the fleas, cockroaches or rodents get a little out of hand, an interior treatment of your home may be necessary. The process of treating the interior areas of your home and airing out the chemicals afterwards can take several hours, so it may be a good idea to plan outdoor activities throughout the process. For cockroaches, kitchen cupboards and food pantry/storage areas should be emptied before treatment. Pets, too, should be kept away from the home during interior pest treatment. To schedule an interior pest treatment, contact Pest Control Perth on (08) 6311 4056.

Pest Inspection Perth

For expert inspections, get in touch with Pest Control Perth to evaluate the extent of your infestation and how to stop pests from causing more discomfort, inconvenience and damage. Trust only the best pest control service in Perth to inspect your home for any and all indications of pests.

Rodent and Rat Control

Rodents like mice and rats can wreak havoc on any home. These pests are known to chew through ventilation shafts, electrical wiring, damage the lining of air conditioning systems and can even contribute to spreading fleas throughout the home. Rodent problems, like any infestation, will progressively get worse if left unresolved. Don’t put up with rodents scratching around in the cavities of your home throughout the night. Let Pest Control Perth take care of the problem for you.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are just disgusting. Cockroach populations can rise dramatically very quickly and easily overwhelm a homeowner. Many cockroaches are also very adaptable insects and can thrive in almost any environment. Prior to having the best Pest Control Perth professionals rid your home of cockroaches, try to eliminate any and all readily accessible forms of food that may be attracting cockroaches to your home. This will ensure they don’t return once treatment has been completed.

Organic Pest Control

Sticky traps are a method of rodent control that may be used by Pest Control Perth. This method should be employed by a professional, so call Pest Control Perth on (08) 6311 4056 to discuss this option in more detail.

Ant Control

Unlike termites, ants may not chew through your home and cause significant property damage, but they can however be just as frustrating to deal with. Ants are constantly on the search for food to break down and will be especially attracted to any sugary products. Food left out on the counter over night is an open invitation to pests like ants. By cleaning the kitchen thoroughly and eliminating any sources of food, pests like ants will not be interested in entering the home. Call the best pest control people at Pest Control Perth by calling (08) 6311 4056 to take care of the ant problem. Feel free to ask for advice about preventing the problem in the future.

Pest Inspection Perth

Pest Control Perth knows what to look for during pest inspections and are happy to walk you through the process. These friendly professionals have years of experience in inspecting homes of all shapes in sizes to find even the most subtle indications of pest infestations.

Insect Pest Control Perth

Pest Control Perth can be trusted to perform insect control on your premises. Pest Control Perth employs an array of methods to eliminate the presence of unwanted guests in your home like wasps, bees, spiders, rodents and centipedes.

Bird Pest Control Perth

Birds are wonderful creatures, that is until they’ve decided to nest in your home (usually in your roof!). For professional pest control approaches to dealing with birds, contact Pest Control Perth to discuss how to stop them and keep them out. These knowledgeable professionals will provide you with options to keep any birds from your home in a humane manner and work to ensure birds don’t return.

Spider Pest Control Perth

It’s safe to say that most everyone would prefer to go without spiders in their home. For the best pest control Perth, contact Pest Control Perth on (08) 6311 4056 to evaluate and fix your spider problem. Sure, spiders may contribute to eating many of the insects that can become pests in your home, the presence of spiders building nests is a good indication that your home simply contains too many insects. Before your home becomes a breeding ground for spiders and their food source, contact the trusted pest control team at Westate Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

No business can do well for long if it’s dealing with a pest infestation of any kind. Customers and employees of your commercial establishment should enjoy a safe, comfortable environment. If a wasp nest is haunting the entrance to your commercial building, or if cockroaches, termites or rats have become a significant issue, let the best pest control team take care of it for you. Pest Control Perth has extensive experience in performing pest control of all sorts on commercial buildings big and small.

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We have pest control mobile vans covering the entire Perth area plus we also have our head office in Malaga should you require to come and have a chat with us there.

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